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Annoying Issue – No Zoom-In Key

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This issue has been w/ me since I installed on my new W7 box about 4 months ago. I have no Zoom In Key – or entry on the Key Mapping XML file.


This is very strange since I had it when I played on my last PC w/ XP. I am now running W7 64bit.


I want it now as Hellshade’s vids have shown me that adjusting views in and out can be a real aid to gunnery.


Anyone else get this issue? Solutions? Can anyone volunteer to send me a clean XML key file – or tell me where to find it on the disc?



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Old saying, "The more complicated the plumbing, the more prone to leaks"


Let's try to keep this simple . . . can you access CONTROLS from the drop down menu


If yes . . Zoom is listed aphabeticaly.. . . . . . if it's not there, we've run into a problem with Windows 7



Yes I can - and no it isn't - strange right? :yikes:


Can anyone confirm that this is some kind of CWAZY Win7 issue?

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Hi BH. I've got win7 64bit and I've got zoom controls no problem. P'raps your squadron don't have binoculars, apart from that dunno mate. Did the install go without a hitch? no errors messages etc.


I could send you my xml file but it's a modified one and not "clean" one.

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