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Cockpit lights on SF2V on June 2010 and Expansion Pack Gold?

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I just posted/asked this at TW forums - but as the problem might be related to my Expansion Pack-mods, I'm asking same here:


...I still don't have cockpit lights at night - BUT as it has been reported that that should be fixed with the June patch, maybe the culprit lies in my modded data!?

(Until now I only have the hint to set adv.shaders from 1 back to 0 in the options.ini - but that will rid me of the advanced shaders overall. No joy.)


- ARE they really fixed (in the unmodded game)?


- where might I look for a fix in my modded data?


Thanks for a hint on that...



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I havent installed the patch over my Vietnam Gold Expansion pack yet. I was waiting to see if anyone had any problems with it first. I dont remember having problems with cockpit lighting, I'll fire it up and see what mine looks like. What planes in particular have no lights?

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I only checked that on Phantoms (B and J-models) yesterday evening... But before, I did have no cockpit lights in any other plane either... :dntknw:


btw: the detailed mirror views are worth installing the patch alone, in my view. Especially as the cockpit lights were "out" on the Feb 2010 already.....

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did you check the light 'on' time in the cockpit ini? You can change it to make it come on earlier..

This is actualy from the Meteor, as I don't have the other esxtracted (yet)







NightLightOn=0.25 <-- try changed to 0.55




worth a try to see what happens!!



kevin stein

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