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MiG-21M Fishbed-G (1980)

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MiG-21M Fishbed-G (1980)

MiG-21M Fishbed-G (1980) for SFP1, WOI, WOE, WOV






In the 60th the MiG OKB developed a recon version of the MiG-21. This bird (MiG-21R) got a bigger tank on the back. Basing on the MiG-21R the soviets developed the MiG-21S, a fighter plane with an improved radar RP-22 and a better weapon system. The S had 4 hardpoints under the wings and the big backtank of the R. But it had no internal gun.

For export an simplified version was developed and called MiG-21M. The M looked very similar to the S, but got the old RP-21 radar. Because the costumers demanded an internal gun the MiG-21M got as first plane the GSha-23.

On paper the MiG-21M had a good performance. It was twice as efficient in the ground attack role than the older MiG-21 versions and was also able to carry the double number of air to air missiles. But in reality the pilots did not love this bird. The MiG-21M was much heavier than the MiG-21F, PF, PFM (SPS-K) but had the same engine. So the agility of the older planes was lost. In contrary the MiG-21M was a very stable gun plattform.

Later in service the MiG-21M was updated a couple of times. It got the protection plates below the side air intakes (Startklappen) which should avoid FOD incidents, but also protect against gun smoke which could harm the engine. In some cases the MiG-21M got the engine of the MiG-21MF. The MiG-21M got the ability to carry twin rail launchers and was updated to carry the missile R-60.


The bird in this package is the updated MiG-21M with protection plates, and MiG-21MF engine, but without periscope on the canopy.



MiG-21M (1980) for WOE, WOV, WOI, SFP1 credits


While making the MiG-21M i used a lot of files made by other modders. Thanks for this files!


The plane itself:



Model by TK


The skin


I'm not sure, because no readme was included. I think it could be done by MarcFighters.



The Cockpit



Cockpit by Mago/Paladrian



The tactical numbers.


basing on the MiG-21F numbers by PauloPanz



And finally my little share


I edited the Data file to delete the periscope and the protection plates and made some othe minor changes.



I hope that i havent forgotten someone to give the proper credit.






1. unzip into your aircraft folder

The subfolder MiG-21M (1980)will be created



Thats it! Enjoy flying.





For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.


Hope you enjoy it.



Michael (Gepard)



Made in Germany


Juli 2010


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