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The very basic guide to ECM Jammers in SF2


Guide applies to ECM pods and aircraft with ECM supplied with the games and their supposed simplified implementation by ThirdWire.



1. Noise (Barrage) Jamming


This is a brute force method of sending out a lot of RF waves to confuse enemy radars. The downsides of this are that it gives your position away and provides a good target for missiles using 'Home On Jam' (Some SA-2 models do use HOJ)



* AN/ALQ-71 (QRC-160) External pod - Basic noise jammer - this will also interfere with your RHAW / RWR scope in game.


Use - Don't rely on the jamming and always be aware what's coming for you. This pod is only of use against early model SA-2s. If you are flying high over Vietnam try to fly in with other flights for mutual protection.




2. Deceptive Jamming


Provides false information to attacking radars - Probably does not present a target to HOJ missiles


(Most powerful last)


* AN/ALQ-51 Internal Jammer -Used on 1965 US Navy jets like F-4B(65), A-4C/E(65), A-6A, Early F-8s....etc

* AN/ALQ-100 Internal Jammer - Used on 1967 US Navy and IDF jets F-4J, F-4B(67), A-7s, A-4F, late F-8(69s)....etc

* AN/ALQ-126A Internal Jammer - A-4F(74)

* EL/L-8230 Internal Jammer - F-4E Kurnass (78)

* Unknown Israeli Internal Jammer - F-16A, KfirC2

* AN/ALQ-135 Internal Jammer - F-15A



Use - Deceptive jamming in SF2 seems to be an effective method against all SAMs in SF2 - but still be prepared to look for any SAMs coming at you.


Note: Some Soviet Jets like the MiG-23MLD and MiG-27 also use internal deceptive Jammers.




3. Dual mode Jamming


This type uses both Noise and Deceptive Jamming (only 3rdWire knows how it is implemented!)


(Most powerful last)


* AN/ALQ-101 External pod

* AN/ALQ-119 External pod

* AN/ALQ-131 External pod



Use - The ALQ-131 is the best pod to take against SA-6/SA-8s - but still be prepared to look for any SAMs coming at you. HOJ missiles might still go for these pods in game.

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