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MIssing Airbase...how to add it?

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Hi everybody...I've got a problem!

I have downloaded the attrition war for WOI from Pancho, and there is no airbase for the 144 squadron...I would like to know How to add it!

Is there anyone can help me??

Thanks and sorry for my poor english!

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Probably easier to edit the _Campaign ini, than to try rebuilding the terrain; otherwise you'd be


a) finding a location for the base

b) placding base via taragets ini

c) exporting from the IsralME.cat the HFD, TFD, all tiles (and converting all tgas to bmp format)

d) adding IsraelMe to the Terrain Editor

e) creating a citylist ini that has the new base,

f) flattening the region of the new base

g) placing the new TFD/HFD back into the IME terrain folder

h) and hoping you got it right!


Editing the campaign ini would most definately be a LOT less work!!! :grin: Which is something one of Campagin Gurus ™ will have to answer, as I've never done that



kevin stein

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Thanks sooo much Wrench!!!!

Surely I'll take the easy way....and i ll'go to mod the campaign.ini file!!!

And I never done that too...do campaign guru...i'm waiting for an answer...:bowdown2:


thanksfor the answer wrench!:laugh:

Edited by pablo83

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