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The First Dogfights - History Channel

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About time to show these again; for all our newbies, and those who want to see it again.

Although the fighters move too fast in the computer simulations, it is thrilling to see the

documentary about these famous dogfights; like Udet vs Guynemer; or Voss' last stand

against McCudden, Rhys Davis and more S.E.5a pilots. Enjoy!







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Good reminder Olham!

I have seasons 1 & 2 on DVDs and I highly recommend the purchase

Real Aces describe their combats and the CGI recreates it

Gives a lot of options and tactical advice


Oddly, I'm not a big fan of the WWI episodes

All the pilots were long past and they only had written accounts to go by

In Brooks' battle with 8 DVII's it only showed him pulling many hammerheads IIRC


Best tactical episodes are the Vietnam ones

Big fast Phantoms vs slower but tighter turning Migs

It's all relative and the tactics can be put to good use in OFF too

They say it's not the best fighter, but the best pilot who wins

These episodes show why

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