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Avro 504 Floatplane v1.1 Released for FS-WWI!

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This is mace's outstanding Avro 504 Floatplane with a few improvements by him and me. For those with the FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 download all you need here: Avro 504 Floatplane v1.1


For those without the FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 setup, you will need to download the above file as well as this: 504 Extras


Please read the readme files carefully for installation instructions and other info.


List of changes are as follows:


Improved and tweaked flight model

Improved pilot models and textures

Improved Lewis gun model and texture

New 1024x1024 skin by Recon3

Fixed rotational direction of rudder pedals

All missions now use FS-WWI only squadrons

Positioned outer float wires now correct and moved them to lower wing LOD's so when lower wing detaches the outer float wires don't hang in the air by themselves

Improved 3D shadow

Prop not in the vertical on start up

New GUI Hangar graphic reflecting new skin

Fixed a few texture references

Improved prop fast model

Pilots head now tracks enemy aircraft

Added lean-over the side view for landings and takeoffs. Press the 'X' key

Moved pilot models foward so the shoulders will not clip through the padding

Decreased the skin strength of the wings


Enjoy! :)

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