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This Mod is a cockpit repaint and small instrument upgrade (Mig-19S only) for Wrench’s “Early MiG Series Cockpit Upgrade/Repair Package for SF/SFG/WoV/WoE/WoI & SF2/SF2:V/SF2:E 6/5/09”


You must have that Upgrade/Repair Package to use this one.




This mod is only been tested with the TW Mig-19S Upgraded with the package listed above. WOE Patched 10/8


To Install:




Unzip The Mig19S_Cockpit_Green.zip File and drop the Cockpit folder and the MiG19_COCKPIT.ini into your MiG-19S folder, Let it overwrite, and go fly.




Ordway: Mig-15Bis/Mig-17 cockpit repaint and instrument reposition of the Scooter(North Korean-modified). 03/15/08

Original readme included.


Wrench: Early MiG Series Cockpit Upgrade/Repair Package for SF/SFG/WoV/WoE/WoI & SF2/SF2:V/SF2:E 6/5/09

Original readme included.


Third Wire: Mig-19S


Notes: I replaced (source TW) or repainted (made from scratch) the painted on instruments. Fixed the fuel gage and added a working external fuel gage. Replaced the Red lockout handles on the cockpit side panels (ref; Mig -17 cockpit photo) repositioned the Ammo counters (they now lineup with the Arm switches).


Note 2: This mod is "Aircraft and Modded cockpit Specific".



These files are Freeware and not to be sold.








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