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Will EAW play on Win 7?

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Gee another banjo player!


Yes. I have it running in Vista, and when I was trialling the beta and pre-release Win 7 versions I had it running in Win7 both 32 and 64 bit.

A couple of things though.

It is better run from a copied folder than an installed one.

Set your "User Account Control" to off, otherwise when EAW tries to write to its eaw.ini file the default "User Account Control" will not let it, so it spits the dummy and CTDs.


There's quite a lot of info in the SimHQ EAW forum.



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Hey brother,


I just bought EAW and I HOPE that with your nifty website & downloads & disabling EAW, it'll work on my P.C.



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I had it working on Win7 to a few months back but never could fix the pixeled and glitched briefing screens.No idea if anyone fixed that either since.

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Hi Sopmod,


fix the maps and screens using the d3dwindower program , freeware from brothersoft :




configuring it is pretty simple but not helped by some of the text being in japanese... but if you read here :





it should cover it..







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