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  1. Hi everyone, Hope you're doing well and are Covid free. I recently bought WOFF UE and PE.................however I installed WOFF on my C:/ drive and then installed the patch over it I went to the .exe and a "wmp.dll is missing" error box populates. Can someone help me with my install? Thanks, Stefnuts P.S. My machine is a Win 10 Professional, Nvidia 2060 Super card.........Thanks again :)
  2. OT: I've Done It!

    Hi everyone, I need help with viewing my plane in Mig Alley. I've PM'd some of you for help. I don't want to see this flight sim go down in smoke. Thank you for your assistance! Stefnuts
  3. Hi all, Well, I finally managed, after doing a registry sweep, to get BHH & HITR running.....yeah Now on to the real reason for this post: This is a massive game! Is there any way that I or anyone for that matter can understand the "War in the Air" better as portrayed in this game? What I'm getting at is: Is there a way to piece together the info given in this game and print it out to understand which planes, why certain planes, etc. were used and did? Books also would be a great plus, of course. Thank you kindly, Stefnuts
  4. Hi Hellshade, I wanted to THANK YOU! for your thorough and kind response friend. I appreciate it! Thanks again.
  5. Hi Olham, No sir. I'm not "worried" I just want to know if BHH & HITR, if I buy it, will be compatible with Phase 4! OFF is GREAT. Cool? Thank you sir
  6. Hi all, I finally was able to get OFF: BHH running! Cool. My thought/concern was once Phase 4 is implemented, What game will be used as a "boilerplate" or foundation for it? Ex. CFS3 was used for Phase 3 and I assume BHH & HITR I was wondering if Phase 4 would nullify the current builds of BHH & HITR altogether. I don't make a lot of $$, btw. Thanks, Happy Flying
  7. UPDATE: AFTER having ticked CFS.exe as "Run as Admin" & "XP Service Pack 3" AND installing Direct X 9.0C runtime (whatever it's called) the quick missions run and THANK GOD! BEWARE: IF you're running Windows 7, you must wait as the screen goes black & then your in the quick mission. Once the quick mission is over, the screen goes black again and your back at the OFF menu! Thank you Uncleal.....
  8. Hi all, I uninstalled & reinstalled OFF from the beginning. I tried the advice that Uncleal gave me and I'm still experiencing crashes after I click "Go to field" CFS3 3.1a installed & played FINE Btw. ALSO: I have "Run as Admin" & "XP service pack 3" compatibility modes ticked Please advise. Over
  9. @Uncleal, Moving to that grid coordinate (I'm ex-Army btw) Out
  10. Hi all, Well, I installed this game fine and enlisted a new pilot but when accessing the quick missions I got an Application Hang after the British voiceover saying "clear" Any help would be appreciated on how to do a clean re-install. Thanks
  11. @Uncleal, Thank you sir for your kind help and not bashing my brains out! I will in fact check out that particular video. Thanks for being kind man, something that is rare on ANY forum now adays, Good day to you...
  12. Will EAW play on Win 7?

    @Jel, Hey brother, I just bought EAW and I HOPE that with your nifty website & downloads & disabling EAW, it'll work on my P.C. Thanks
  13. Hi all, I don't know where the underlying structure to this game came from and don't know what it means (Ex. Phase 2 versus Phase 3 versus Phase 4) Can someone please point me to the right place to understand what the heck these phases mean? Thanks again!
  14. Hi all, Well, I enrolled my pilot and a quick generated mission was generated (sorry) and I died FAST. The mission was as French airman in a 12 v 12 spad or nieuport vs. fokker I's (I don't remember the plane names but I know it was 12 V 12 whatever that means) Here's how I installed: Installed CFS3 battle for europe 3.1 & 3.1a (no probs) on D:\ drive Installed OFF in the same D:\ drive folder (Renamed OFF to distinguish it from CFS3) Installed OFF superpatch & superpatch mini patch in the same D:\folder (OFF in other words) I configured my Nvidia GTX 260 card also As stated previously, the mission that generated was 12 v 12 spad vs. fokker I's or something like that I flew, with very minimal viewing space btw (No graphics problems, the plane seemed to take up a large amount of viewing space) I saw no planes in front of me but I got hit like a billion times with bullets (The mid screen display read: Fokker I hit you, Fokker I hit you, Fokker I hit you) My screen went blank and brought me back to my created pilots page which stated that I had died Can someone confirm OR deny that what happened to me was normal considering that of course it was a 12 v 12 (I assume that means 12 planes vs. 12 planes) mission Incidentally, IF this was how long a pilot lived then I REALLY feel sad how these young men died (Man, I'm thinking WOW like immediate death ) Thank you everyone & sorry for my long winded post
  15. Hi everyone, I've just installed OFF today. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and I died REALLY quick. This game is NUTS. Furthermore, 60% or more of the screen is filled up with the plane. IS this normal? I play Red Baron 3d and I can see stuff. OFF is like a little bit MORE involved and I love it! Well, off to the "general help" section, as I died very quickly. Take care & God bless you folks

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