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Twilight odd horizont line.

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Sorry if it is repetition but is there a way to make more smoother horizont line for twilight? I checked all (i think) available ENVIRONMENTSYSTEM.ini mods, tried changing many values but more or les always the same odd visible line mostly on medium & high altitude (above 10000-15000 fts) Any sugestions guys?



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That line is the border between Fog and Sky. Basically, the Fog covers the lack of terrain beyond the defined Horizon Distance. You can consider the Fog as a flat plain on the terrain surface and extending from the Horizon Distance to infinity where the plain meets sky in a flat Earth world, which is what we have. The border line appears near sunset/sunrise, in the sun direction, otherwise the Fog band blends with the Horizon Fog colour. The problem is the SkyColour added to the sky in the sun direction does not blend with the Fog band. Its a limited problem, although quite noticeable in the limited situation described.


There is no fix that I know. One may minimize the Fog band and hence the apparent altitude of the border line above the apparent horizon by increasing the Horizon Distance, although that hurts framerates very quickly unless other measures are taken to reduce framerates (increasing tile size, decreasing TextureThreshold in terrain.data, etc...)


I hope I got all that right. :dntknw:

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