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Gepard's MiG-21S Fishbed-H

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Gepard's MiG-21S Fishbed-H

MiG-21S Fishbed-G for SFP1, WOI, WOE, WOV




I know, that there is a MiG-21S available already at the download section. It was made by Starfighter. I used it a lot of times, but i had always the feeling, that this bird was to capable, to agile. Additionally it does not 100% looks like the S. Thatswhy i decided to make my own version of the MiG-21S. First of all i used the october2008 patch data.ini, while Starfighters bird based on an older patch.

I deleted the periscope at the canopy, the protection blades under the side air intakes and the gun. Then i increased the weight to the correct value and fixed the gunpod position etc.





In the mid 60th it became obviesly, that the MiG-21 of the second generation had some weakpoints. First of all was the radar system not capable enough. The range of the plane was to short and the air to ground capability was to weak.

To overcome the first weakpoint the MiG designers decided to introduce the new radar system RP-22 Saphir. This radar was originally developed as S-23 for the high agile dogfighter project E-8, which was canceled to favor the swing wing design, which we know today as MiG-23.

Because the S-23 was to big for the MiG-21 nose cone it was downsized. Especially the size of the radar antanna was reduced. So the maximum detection range of the system was decreased from 54km to 30km. But this was 50% more the old RP-21 could offer. So the RP-22 Saphir was selected, and the S in MiG-21S was the indicator for the improved radar.

To give the MiG-21 longer legs, the designers decided to implement the long backfueltank which was already used at the MiG-21R recon bird. Further the miG-21S got two additionally wet hardpoints under the wings. So the S could carry 3 fuel drop tanks instead 1 as the older versions. With the 2 new weaponstations the air to ground capability of the plane was doubled. The bird now was able to carry 2.000kg of weapons instead 1.000kg as before.

On paper the MiG-21S was an excellent and capable bird. But it was not loved by their pilots. It was nearly 1.000kg heavier than a MiG-21F-13 and 500kg heavier than a MiG-21PF, but still had the same engine. So the MiG-21S had lost a lot of the agility of their forrunners and was not more the born dogfighter.




MiG-21S for WOE, WOV, WOI, SFP1 credits


While making the MiG-21S i used a lot of files made by other modders. Thanks for this files!


The plane itself:



Model and skin by TK


The gunpod


I used the upk-23-250 of the weapon pack to simulate the GP-9 gunpod. It is not 100% correct, but the best available.



The Cockpit



Cockpit by Mago/Paladrian



And finally my little share


I edited the Data file to fit the S. I deleted the periscope, the gun and the protection blades to give this bird the shape of the MiG-21S.



I hope that i havent forgotten someone to give the proper credit.






1. unzip into your aircraft folder

The subfolder MiG-21S will be created


2. install Gunpod GP-9


2.1. Put file upk-23-250.lod and upk-23-250.bmp into your Weapons folder


2.2. include following lines into your weapondata.ini

make sure to replace XXXX with your correct sequence number




FullName=GP-9 23 mm Gunpod


























2.3. ) open Weaponeditor and click on save

Now the GP-9 Gunpod is available.




Thats it! Enjoy flying.





For remarks, comments, bugs, etc please use CombatAce forum or send me a PM.


Hope you enjoy it.



Michael (Gepard)



Made in Germany


Juli 2010


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