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Cockpit positioning with latest patch

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Guys, I have tried the old trick of making an AI plane flyable by putting an existing cockpit in the ini of the AI plane. Now it seems the view is off and I see parts of the plane. I thought I read a topic where there was an approximate fix for this.could someone point me in the right direction? :dntknw:

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The problem is that TK reduced the NearClipDistances, so now parts on the aircraft will show closer to the cockpit.


3 ways to fix it:


1. Move the cockpit in the cockpit.ini. This may or may not work depending on the configuration of the external model.

2. Change certain parts of the external model in the data.ini to ShowFromCockpit=FALSE. Depending on how the external model is built, this is the preferred solution.

3. Extract the FLIGHTENGINE.INI, then change the following line noted in bold:






The larger the number, the farther away the parts of the external model have to be to be seen from the cockpit.



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Also, this line has been added to just about ALL data inis; in the [AircraftData] section




helps recenter the pit.


Some adjustments in the cockpit.ini for pit placement may still be required.



kevin stein

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