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Tree disapearing distance settings

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I would like to get my trees to appear for farther distances. What .ini file and how?


BTW, I'm using Jan Tumas terrains and trees. If anyone could help that would be great.:good:






You can see in the pics the tree lines stops to close. For me anyway. My settings are all set to unlimited.

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I found this in the Green Hell 2 readme.


Yes, it is the flightengine.ini file which needs to be extracted to the flight folder.


Per the readme:


In the "HighDetailOption" section of the flightengine.ini file:


The distance at which trees render is set by variable "DetailMeshSize="


where defaluts are 4 for low, 5 for medium and 6 for high, values are in KM?


If you have strong system you may wish to increace the DetailMeshSize= to higher number.


Values like 10, 12 or 14 seems to work ok on med-high systems, but you'll have to increase


NearClipDistance=3000.0 under [NormalSceneClip] to avoid scene clipping issues (values like 35000, 40000 works ok).




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