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Fa-18 Superhornet avionics mod v1.0

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Fa-18 Superhornet avionics mod v1.0

F/a-18 Superhornet avionics mod v1.0 - 21.07.2010


For SF1 and SF2


I made this avionics mod based on Jane's F/a-18, Digital integration F/a-18 Superhornet and other "bug" sims, also used sources like guncams, photos etc. Its still far from ideal (TW engine limits) but I tried to give imaging of real APG-73 radar and Hornet Hud using this what TK implemented in avionics70.dll


F/a-18E/F/G INIs are the same


Later I will do avionics for older Hornets.





- First make backup cockpit folder and avionics.ini and cockpit.ini files


- Put all 'cockpit' content from this mod to ...Objects/Aircraft/FA-18X/Cockpit folder


- Put properly avionics.ini and cockpit.ini files from this mod to ...Objects/Aircraft/FA-18X and let overwrite


(If you are using SF1 series, copy properly INI files from 'SF1' folder).


In this mod I also added Erwin Hans repainted cockpit panel for F/a-18 Superhornet

if you decided to use it just put F-18_Cock1.bmp from 'superhornet panel' folder in this mod to ...Objects/Aircraft/FA-18X/Cockpit and let overwrite.




I used:

-Mirage Factory few tga graphics

-Crusader a-g gunsight

-EricJ hud target box

-Erwin Hans repainted panel





If you have any questions, sugestions etc. just PM to me at www.combatace.com


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