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  1. Hi Caesar I'm not sure if this is possibile. In avionics dll entries there are only things like 'ShowOnlyTens=', 'ShowOnlyHundreds=', and 'ShowOnlyThousands='. Have you tried manipulating 'TextFormat=' entry? But are you sure that in Tomcat this information is displayed in this way? I mean it would be a bit imprecise that you have only tens of thousands.
  2. It works. I have both Flanker 1 and 2.5 on my hd. Man I wish that they re release Flanker1 with hd graphic support. For me its trully best ED sim.
  3. C'mon with little effort he could do USAF/Euro Vipers or flyable Starfighter and obviously they would be money makers.
  4. Fulcrum Drivers II

    Alternative yt link
  5. Not yet, real life keeps me from modding for awhile, but SH and legacy Hornets have almost the same Huds so it shouldn't be big problem to incorporate it in all 'Bugs'. I want also to do some radar updates/changes.
  6. I'm modding Super Hornet, so the more the merrier because recently I'm very busy.
  7. You mean like this Still a lot to do.
  8. Hmm I did some experiments several months ago, even if you put transparent tga file as a radar background there is still this black box behind.
  9. ILS is also in avionics70.dll so I think you don't need NA to have it. Also keep in mind that this SF ILS isnt very precise, its rather 'cool looking stuff' than helpful system.
  10. He did mods (and published them) for Graphsim Hornet series, F/a-18 PSF to be precise and these mods were spectacular, he was modding via hex editor. Now coming back to SF I believe he is modding it in real too I mean why spending time and effort on producing 'fake' mods?
  11. If I recall correctly two-seat Mirage 2000 has this ability.
  12. Polish Fulcrums surfing on the clouds Nice strafing at 1.41s https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WXxJTKOhSW4
  13. I have 'hard' mode in setup and was using data exactly from download version. I mean in compare to the Hornets and SHornets you can fly them like a gliders, here in Raptor when you landing in example it totally drags you to the ground even with flaps fully down, It is like lack of lifting.
  14. Hi guys I'm trying to fix Raptor FM. I noticed that is somehow 'ponderous', machine barely take off at 190~200kts, flying straight at high AoA ~6deg, and stalling and loosing alititude even around 250kts. Empty weight in data.ini seems correct ~19 tons. I fixed internal fuel, previous amount 34000 lbs was too high so downsized to real 20k lbs but it still flies like a brick anyone have idea?

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