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I cant add ANY weapons to the WEAPONDATA.INI

I tried it with weapon-editor. But i can not run it. every time i press "open" it crashes (i set the compatability to win 98/95)

And when i tried to manualy add new weapons, the game does not recognize them. I know im not making any newbie mistakes because i moded this game a lot before, and i added many weapons, but i had no such problems till i reinstalled my game.


The same problem is with GUNDATA.INI

it also does not want to recognize new guns in game.


When i install weapon packs it loads those weapons from the weapons packs, but i cant add any other weapon then, or a gun.

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OS: Win XP Service Pack 3


WOE - October 2008 patch


OK, so you must use the latest editors, dated 2008, and you may have to eithet run them from inside a compressed folder (safest) or from inside a system folder (not recommended unless you're an experienced computer user, or an IT specialist). Try the compressed folder routine first. Riht click anywhere on your desktop, select New Comprssed Folder, and left click to create it. Then drag your editors into the compressed folder, click to open it, and try executing them from within.

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