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Beginner Trying WWII Install - Advice/ Suggestions Welcome

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Hi all,


I'm fairly new to modding Strike Fighters and have been learning a lot over the past few days from this site. Wrench has been exceptionally helpful.


I've been reading the Knowledge Bases, which are great, but can't always find what I need or don't understand what I do find.


I'm currently working on a WWII install. I've installed Gepard's BoB 1.4 Terrain and Baltika's BoB campaign. I haven't added or tweaked anything yet except to add menu items from Edward's WWII Euro terrain install. I followed the instructions (repeatedly) closely and finally got a decent install working. But I have a few questions and challenges as I'm new to SF modding.


I installed the WWII stuff over Strike Fighters Gold up to the '06 patch. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 Dual Core CPU, 3.5 GB PC2 5300 RAM, 1GB Nvidia GeForce 9500GT PCI-E video card system.


So far all the SF games, regardless of which generation, work fine on this rig.


- The most consistent problem I have currently with the WWII install is CTD's at the end of missions. Wench was kind enough to give me a fix for the Terrain data ini file, but it didn't stop the CTD's.


- There's also a Spitfire 2A with no glass over the cockpit. Per instructions, the lods were borrowed from the Spitfire 1A. It has glass.


- I also have very quite machine guns. Anyone know how to make them a bit louder?


These are just a few of the current more obvious problems I have in this install. Hope to get to tweaking it soon.


I'm looking for advice and suggestions regarding WWII installs. I see a lot of great WWII terrain and campaigns on this and other sites and look forward to getting them up and flying.


I appreciate all the work you modders have done and am greatful for any help given.




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