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  1. Soulfreak, My Photoshop FS Color Swatches must be off color. My FS26134 is much darker than what you gave me. I used the swatch you gave me and it looks much closer to photos of the real plane. The skin in jpg format is also attached. AMX_AMI.7z
  2. Soulfreak, I don't know that my skins are much high quality but thanks for the FS number. I had it in gray but it looked too dull so I lightened it while I worked on it. This skin was done as a favor for a friend. Unfortunately the lod has a few minor mapping problems and of course the wrong guns for the Italian version, but overall a nice little plane to fly. It still needs refinements by a real artist and the correct type of decal buzz numbers.
  3. B-26B 13th BS, 3rd BG, Korea 1951 (WIP; original skin by Allenjb42)
  4. baffmeister, Thanks for the suggestion but it's sorted and working. I got one of the original Sea Fury FM's.
  5. Wolf257's A-36A, P-51A, P-51B, P-51C and P-51D Mustangs
  6. Coupi, Yes, please send anything you have, especially a dash decal. There is a cockpit setup for Wolf257's D model that is great, but it only works for the D model. I wonder that the fake pilot method might work with this cockpit setup? Wilches, Did you release the YAP skins? I can't find them here.
  7. Wilches, I agree, this is a very outdated model. I also have YAP's P-51B and D as well as DAT's P-51B and C models. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to YAP and/or DAT stuff. And I also don't have a template for YAP's P-51s. Although my template for Wolf257s A,B,C models might work on DAT's but DAT's are for SF2 only. This is for my skinning practice, for those that don't have access to other models, and for SF2 and older SF1 die-hards like me. Just trying to see how far I can update this old plane.
  8. No luck with the dash decal. Nothing shows up on the panel. Could be I'm not doing it right but I've done all I know how to do. Thanks for the heads up on the shroud.tga decal. Got it on all the B, C and D models. They all look better now.
  9. I seem to recall that within the past few months someone posted about using a decal to place an instrument dash panel on Wolf257's P-51B model. I've searched but can't seem to find the post which makes me wonder if it's just my wishful thinking. I thought I'd kept a link to that post but I can't find that either. Does anyone else remember this? Has anyone done this? Thanks for any help.
  10. Malaysian Skyhawks - A-4PTM/TA-4PTM

    Great job! Thanks.
  11. P-47D-20, 61st FS, 56th FG, ETO
  12. Thanks for the data and fake pilot antenna and pitot files, but unfortunately, neither work. I've tried a couple dozen combinations of data .ini file changes after trying yours as they were given to me, but no luck. From what little I do know, I assume the pitot and antenna add on were made for SF2? They just won't show up in my SF1 install. But the fake pilot shows up when I replace the data.ini entry for the furyantena with fakepilot. So....my assumption it was built for SF2. The AI pilots still take off in a nose down wheelie but at least they get off the ground. Bit of a mystery. Not a show stopper. Anyway, thanks for the try.
  13. D-704 Buddy Store (Refueling Pod)

    Thanks for the tanks. They add a bit more to this great game.

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