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  1. If you have a nvidia graphics card updated drivers might be the problem. If that's the case, try reverting to the last working set of drivers.
  2. JohnLewis141997 FE and All SF1 games run on my Window 10 computers. Takes a bit of tweaking to get them running. But I'm also keeping a couple of Windows 7 computers for games that don't run on Windows 10.
  3. ErikGen's old AMD_SM_B2 Super Mystere B2 with new lines, rivets, paint, etc. WIP. For France. A sliver one for Israel... ...and a camo version.
  4. ajunaidr's old dm-4a Mystere IVA with new lines, rivets, paint, etc. in two flavors, IDF Camo and plain Aluminum (with a Suez Stripe accessory). WIP.
  5. Mystere IVA over Europe. ajunaidr's old SF1 dm-4a Mystere IVA with new lines, rivets, etc... WIP.
  6. Vampires looking for blood. Pasko's old Vampire with new lines, rivets, etc... WIP.
  7. The only major problem I've had running SF2 in Win 10 has been with my Nvidia graphics card drivers. Updated drivers cause the game to go black when starting a mission if the game's graphics settings are set to 'unlimited.' It works fine on 'high' graphic setting. The 'fix' for me has been to keep an old set of drivers installed so I can run the game on 'unlimited' setting. If you don't use a Nvidia graphics card you might not have this problem.
  8. Spitting Venom! (PauloPanz repainted skin.) Natural Metal / Aluminum. WIP repainted lines, rivets, template, etc.
  9. Like Gepard said, which game are the pictures from? Did these games work before? Also, for SF1 to work with Win 7 you must have Direct X 9 installed. The last version of that is 'directx_Jun2010_redist.exe.' But I assume you have it installed or I think it wouldn't start. Once DX9 is installed, try loading a clean install of Strike Fighter Project 1. Update it to the Oct 2008 update. The problem you describe with your SF1 sounds like it might be a video problem. Windows 10 has this same problem. It's fixed on many computers with the HDR mods in the Combat Ace download section. Also try updating you video drivers. If you are using video that's part of your motherboard, you might try a video card to see it that fixes the problem. Good luck,
  10. Any way you want to release these is fine with me. Just release them and thanks. (P.S. Don't forget the MTO P-38's also need some TLC.)
  11. Cutting Board Computer

    bazillius, You are right. It is useless to someone who has no use for it, but I built it with a specific purpose in mind. I use it for testing computer parts. It's a test board. Quite easy to get to any area I need on it. And it does attract attention when it's hanging on the wall when not being used.
  12. My new cutting board computer. I needed a test motherboard. A motherboard became available. A few rubber spacer, a few wood screws and voila, a cutting board test board.
  13. Aereonautica Militare Italiana F-84G Skinpack

    Beautiful, as always.

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