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  1. Usually the "B" key sets/releases brakes. Do the games' default planes take off with no problems?
  2. You can upload it to this post as you would a photo or in a pm. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, this old stuff is like a puzzle-scavenger hunt before it can be put together and played.
  4. Does anyone know where I can get Deuce's Enhanced WOV Tileset? I've got some old mods that require this tileset. I've looked at many old SF1 sites. Most don't host SF files anymore and Deuces site has been closed a long time. TIA, Geary
  5. Anyone know where I can get KB's SEA Terrain? I found some old missions that were made for it but can't seem to find this old terrain anywhere. TIA, Geary
  6. Thanks, All. Got it fixed. Reloaded the plane's data.ini file and it works as it should. Go figure.
  7. I used to know how to adjust this problem, but I don't remember where I put my memory. Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem?
  8. Razbam USN VF-172 'Blue Bolts' Banshee, Korea, 1951 (WIP. New lines, rivets, paint, etc. Wrench's decals.)
  9. Have you tried deleting the default.ini file in your controls folder? It will rebuild it self to default.ini when you restart the game.
  10. You could try uninstalling the Nvidia audio drivers and see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't and you have other 'buggy' problems, you can re-install the Nvidia audio drivers. I'm not sure the Nvidia audio drivers are the problem. Just a possible reason for your comm problems.
  11. Are you playing SF1 in Windows 10? Have you had this problem since you installed your games? Do you have an Nvidia graphics processor? Nvidia graphics updates like to install their own audio drivers. Messes up my sound on random programs. So.. I uninstalled their audio drivers and don't let the updates re-install them.
  12. Did this just begin happening? Did your games work before this? Did you update anything such as the operating system or video card? Did you make any changes to your games, installs before this started happening?
  13. USMC Skyraider 'Guppy' conducting Early Airborne Warning Mission, Korea 1951. Radarman in the middle also uses the P-38 Eyeball System … by looking out the window. (WIP. New lines, rivets, paint, etc. Wrench's decals.)
  14. PZL TS-11 ISKRA


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