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  1. Yes. Using d3d9.dll, DDdraw.dll and enbseries.ini I was able to get SF1 working in Windows 10. It still occasionally glitches, but nothing I can't live with.
  2. Great work, Thanks.
  3. LT-6G Mosquito FAC and marking targets, Korea 1951.
  4. Happy 100th Birthday...

    Many happy returns.
  5. WildWolf, Thanks for the thanks, but to be clear, I didn't 'create' this file. All I did were a few tweaks and converted the files for easy installation into SF2. The plane is the Mirage Factory F-16A_Blk10-NDC and the skin is Migbuster's SEA skin for that model. Hope this made it easier for you to install, Geary
  6. I'm not sure this is the one you are looking for but I think it's the last ThirdWire gun editor for SF1. GunEditor_v11_05_04.zip
  7. Congratulations, Rene. It seems you have more modding ability than you thought.
  8. F-51D Mustang, 67th FBS, Korea, 1951.
  9. French Aeronautique Navale AU1 Corsair, Suez 1956.
  10. French Aeronautique Navale TBM-3E Avenger, Suez 1956.
  11. French Aeronautique Navale F6F Hellcat, Suez 1956.
  12. de Havilland Venom looking for a place to spit.

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