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  1. USAF C-130A Hercules, Vietnam 1966. (TW's old SF1 C-130A with new lines, rivets, etc...)
  2. C-130A Hercules, Vietnam, 1966. (TW's old SF1 C-130A with new lines and rivets, etc.)
  3. Thanks so much for these, especially the Suez skins. I dreaded having to make my own.
  4. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.13

    Thanks so much for these, especially the Suez skins. I dreaded having to make my own.
  5. Meteors Over Israel. SF2.

    Yes for Templates. Thanks.
  6. Meteors Over Israel. SF2.

    Jarek, Thanks for these skins. They are beautiful, as your work usually is. I was going to paint some of these for Israel/Suez. Now I have better skins than I could paint. Any chance you're considering some Egyptian skins for these planes for the Suez Crisis? Geary
  7. Rgr. Nice work on the big birds. I'm primarily interested in Korea and Vietnam so the BUFFs I need/use are for Vietnam.
  8. Kevin, Don't know if this will help you. It's a D and F model. I'd used gbreuders' loadouts with MERs but had to readjust pylon/MER and bomb positions on the F model. I readjusted the D models Bombay positions to hold the common Mk82 500 pounders. I used the KISS rule with these bombers. Hope it helps. Geary B-52's.7z
  9. FW-190A4

    Beautiful. Thank you.
  10. Vickers Valiant crew sightseeing over the Sinai, 1956. (They can see the Pyramids from here.) On the way back they spot an Egyptian air base. They leave their calling cards (21 1000lb general purpose iron bombs).
  11. USMC EF-10B SkyKnight, Vietnam 1967.
  12. USAF A-1H Skyraider, Vietnam 1967 (MontyCZ's old classic with new skin.)
  13. USAF B-57B Canberra's first Southeast Asia Camouflage paint scheme; 3-tone camo color over gray/natural metal.
  14. I must have deleted it by accident when I installed Stary's F-94B (Proper) cockpit. Thanks,
  15. Does anyone have Stary's F-94B Cockpit Avionics Data File? It's not with his great F-94B Cockpit. Although, it's referenced in the supplied F-94B.ini file. Without it the radar doesn't work. If there's not one out there, any suggestions on which early avionics file to use with this plane? TIA, Geary

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