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  1. Wrench, It does work. Can't remember how or why it works or where I got it, but it does. Menrva, I ported my SF1 'Out of Africa '77' install to SF2. Most worked out of the box but needed to add at least one decent fighter for the allied/US side so I added F-8E Crusaders and a carrier. Just needed to adjust the water.bmp and a few lines changed/adjusted to terrain .ini files. I don't recall all the details, but I think there was no Madagascar campaign for SF2. Love you Madagascar terrain but is there a campaign for it?
  2. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but here is one I use. WaterMap.bmp
  3. Eric, I pay $10 a month to rent two copies of Photoshop, plus updates, etc... I rent it from Adobe.
  4. Stratos, I Stratos, I'm not sure. Yours looks a bit different in the nose and you've added different seats, but otherwise, might be it. Is this the iDiOt Team's model?
  5. I've been asked to make a template for the Soko Galeb G2. The only Soko Galeb G2 I can find is the 2009 version by the iDiOt Team in the SF1 Section. The plane has many skin problems. The lines and detail are VERY 'fuzzy.' Before I get too deep into this template I would like to make sure: 1. There are no other Soko Galeb G2 models here/out there to use? 2. There are no other Templates for this plane that can be used/modified? I know there is a G4 model here, but the G2 is the one requested. Does anyone have any detailed photos, drawing with lines, details, stenciling, etc. you can share? Any help is appreciated. Wish me luck, Geary
  6. Z09SS, Aren't you afraid you'll loose your beer in that mess? Nice idea for mounting your throttle and joystick. I've been considering using pvc for a frame system but not quite as big as your pipes.
  7. Kevin, Thanks for pointing me to Raven's P-40B's. Saw them before but guess they slipped my mind. Got one from your MTO package that will work for 1948 Egyptian Air Force with a little tweaking. Can't find a template for it though. Found templates for Raven's other P-40's but not this one. I wonder if one of the other's will work for the B model? But if you have one handy, I could sure use it. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to your Indochina install.
  8. Absolutely right. I'm doing the P-40B/Tomahawk next and had it on my mind while posting the Hurricane picture. Got it fixed. Thanks for the catch. Mandatory picture(s). Harvard / T-6 Texan in service with opposing Air Forces in the Sinai, 1948.
  9. Egyptian Hurricane IIB patrolling Egyptian border, 1948. Raven's Hurricane IIB with new line, rivets, paint, etc... WIP.
  10. Wolf257's Tomahawk is good but needs an .lod cockpit. No place to place an instrument panel on it. Looks kind of naked inside the cockpit looking from the outside. I'm reskinning planes for my 1948 Israel - Arab conflict and would like a plane with a visible instrument panel. With all the P-40's around, I can't seem to find a B model except for Wolf257's old Tomahawk. TIA, Geary
  11. MC 205 Veltro in Egyptian service patrolling the Sinai, 1948. New lines, rivets, paint, etc... WIP.
  12. IDF S-199 Sakeen out looking for a fight, 1948. IDioT Team's S-199 with new lines, rivets, paint, etc... WIP.
  13. Rusty, Once you've created a vanilla install for ODS, it starts up with the generic game. You must 'clean out' planes, etc. you don't want in your ODS install and place the ODS files into the generic game folder you created for your ODS install. Don't know if I'm making sense or not...
  14. P-51D Mustang in service with the Israeli Defense Force 1948 and 1956. (Not quite WWII, but close on it's heels.) Wolf257's P-51D-30 Mustang with new lines, rivets, paint, etc... WIP.

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