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  1. Wrench, I found an old plane I put tanks on wingtipss from years ago. I think it's coming back to me.
  2. Gepard, Thanks for the suggestion. The Yak-23 tank looks good. Now I must figure out how to place them on the wingtips. I used to know how to do this but that was years ago when my brain worked better. Geary
  3. A two-seat vampire will be a nice addition to the Strike Fighters' hangar.
  4. I'm considering creating a stand-in de Havilland Venom using 3rd Wire's Vampire and I know there are some physical and FM differences between the two planes. I don't know how to create models. I can't do much about changing the physical differences like the wings except to maybe add some tip tanks to the wing tips. FM differences might be simplier to fix. Any suggestions on which tanks to use for the wingtips? or any other suggestions? I know we have Pasko's Venom and Vampire available and I love flying them, but they are showing their age and have some anomilies in the model. And until someone makes a new Venom available I'd like to at least have a newer model, even if it is a 'stand-in. Any help is welcomed and appreciated. Geary Pako's Old Vampire and Venom. Note the ill-fitting cockpit cover.
  5. I'm interested in your templates Soulfreak, if you care to share them.
  6. Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter

  7. Give me a bit of time to look through my files. Seems I did a template of this plane a few years back.
  8. Great job. Thanks for taking the hit for us.
  9. I've felt this way about many planes over the years. First I don't care much for the planes but when I begin flying them I learn a new respect and admiration for them. Currently for me it's the MiG-15. I didn't hate the plane over the years, just didn't pay much attention to it except to know it was at first the foil for the F-86 Sabre in Korea. I have MiG-15s in SF1, SF2, CFS2, FSX/MSF 2004, and IL2. I love flying this little bird. I drool over the DCS MiG-15 and F-86. Might get them, but wish there was a full Korean Air War install for DCS. Recently I repainted Pasko's old SF1 MiG-15 and even with the repainted modified A-4B cockpit simulating the MiG-15 cockpit, I still enjoy flying this old plane. Always some new plane to get to know and enjoy.

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