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  1. de Havilland Venom looking for a place to spit.
  2. Screaming Banshee, Korea 1951.
  3. Mosquito marking targets, Korea 1951.
  4. Wrench's SF2 KAW Terrain adds a whole new dimension to SF1 KAW. (Have a little shimmering in the trees, but still great.)
  5. alexis99, Wrench is probably right from most of what I've read , also. The photo-recon Panthers mostly carried the drop tanks. So... try what I suggested earlier on the -5P models. Let me know how it goes. Wrench, thanks for having my back. streakeagle, I'd also read that the Panthers often specialized in their missions, such as taking out gun emplacements before the slower moving prop planes moved in for the kill on the designated target. Then the Panthers moved to top cover. Good reading.
  6. To get the TankPather to work try this: Add this to your F9F-5_LOADOUT.INI file: [Recon] Loadout[01].WeaponType=TankPanther Loadout[01].Quantity=1 Loadout[02].WeaponType=TankPanther Loadout[02].Quantity=1 Add the 'FuelTankName=TankPanter' line to the bottom of these two weapons stations and ',FT' to the AllowedWeaponsClass line in your F9F-5_DATA.INI file: [LeftWingStationInboard] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=1 StationGroupID=1 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-1.9,0.24,-0.4 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=1500 AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,RCKT,FT AttachmentType=USN,NATO ModelNodeName=LWingPylon PylonMass=20 PylonDragArea=0.04 FuelTankName=TankPanther [RightWingStationInboard] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=2 StationGroupID=1 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=1.9,0.24,-0.4 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=1500 AllowedWeaponClass=BOMB,RCKT,FT AttachmentType=USN,NATO ModelNodeName=RWingPylon PylonMass=20 PylonDragArea=0.04 FuelTankName=TankPanther Let me know how this goes. Geary
  7. Wrench, Thanks. I owe you a color. If I got this right, this is what the color comes closest to. Looks like many of the examples I've seen.
  8. Thanks for the Thanks, but I'm not responsible for the Panthers's flight characteristics. I just re-painted the skins, lines, rivets, etc.... I don't know who tweaked the FM. These older ac have passed through many hands.
  9. I don't know if these are the Soviet fonts you refer to but you are welcome to them. I found them in my fonts folder. soviet.7z
  10. Does anyone know what the closest FS paint number is to the French F8F Bearcat? I've seen examples ranging from Light Blue to dark Navy Blue. I realize paint may have changed from unit to unit or because of weathering. I'm looking for the 'most' used color of the late 40's-early 50's.
  11. F-47N Foreign Skins. (ChampionsVA56's Guatemalan FAG, Nicaraguan FAN and Republic of China ROCAF's original foreign skins paint.)
  12. Yes, and thanks in advance.
  13. Looking for skinners to Beta Test/View an F8F Bearcat template I've done. It's in Photoshop .psd format. Need a practiced eye to look it over and see where it can be improved and if it's worth uploading. It's of Geo's F8F and has a few small problem areas. PM me if you're interested. Thanks in Advance. Geary

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