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  1. I had one working with SF1 and SF2 a few years ago. I don't recall it being difficult to set up in the Strike Fighters series. Did you load the software for it? That's about all I can think of besides checking to see if it's working, ie. calibrated, working in any other games, etc...
  2. Sky High, I will try DBW and BAT with the patch versions you suggest. I tried them before but had no luck. Probably something I did wrong. Also plan on VPMod and HSFX installs. Lots of great looking campaigns for all these mods just a bit confusing trying to sort out all the details between SAS and Mission4Today. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the info. I've been browsing SAS and Mission4Today when I get time. It might be a while before I learn how the sites are set up and how to install mods, etc. Might just have to contact the author of the AVG campaigns to see if he can help me get them running. I spent a couple of days downloading and installing files for DBW and BAT. BAT starts up randomly. Sometimes it starts in one era then doesn't. Then starts in the era it didn't start before and won't start in one it started in before. DBW won't start at all. Looks like I'm going to have to work for my pleasure with these mods.
  4. So... I've had IL-2/IL-2 1946, etc. since their respective releases years back. I've dabbled with the games and added self-installing payware addons but never got serious about setting this game up. Now I've been trying to install a couple of AVG campaigns, Flying Tigers over Rangoon and over Burma by CzechTexan from the SAS and Mission4Today sites . The install instructions say to install lines into my all.ini file and the maps into a Mapmods/Maps folder that doesn't exist. So I created these folders but have no idea which/where all.ini file is or goes. Also have no idea where the required planes, KI-48 and KI-51 go. I get a CDT when the Burma campaign seems to load and an error msg about the map not loading when I try to load the Rangoon campaign. Anyone have these campaigns up and running or know how/where to install all this? I have been trying to install them into a clean install updated to 4.13.4. Any help is appreciated, Geary
  5. Windows 10

    My FE2 runs fine on Windows 10 64-bit. My FE1 also runs on Windows 10 64-bit with a few additional apps.
  6. Does anyone have coordinates to place a small USN fleet around the carriers at Yankee and Dixie Stations on the VietnamSEA terrain? The carriers in campaigns look very lonely out there by themselves.
  7. Josh275, You may want to put DirectX 9.0c on your Windows 10 computer to get SF1 generation games to work. DirectX 9 will not interfere with DirectX 10. Use the latest DX 9 version. I've attached a copy of directx_June10_redist.7z to this post. Then try using FalconC45's HDR mod from here: This worked for me. directx_Jun2010_redist.7z
  8. Pappychksix, You're right. It is your skin. I intended to credit you and thought I had, but it seems to have fallen through the cracks... in my brain. I apologize. I also love this skin. That's why I used it. Thanks for the skin and the correction.
  9. NATO F-84F Thunderstreaks (The Mirage Factory's F-84F with updated lines, rivets, etc. Original skins by Pappychksix, Thierry-As, Sony Tuckson, USAFMTL, Carlo ´´Soulfreak`` Vecchi, WhiteKnight06604)
  10. F-84F_USAF_SEA.jpg

  11. (The Mirage Factory's F-84F with new lines, rivets, skin... Based on pappychksix's templates and whiteknight06604 and Spinners fictional Thunderstreak FGA2 SEA Skins.)
  12. I plan to improve my skinning and campaign making skills. Maybe create a couple of 1950's era fictional campaigns such as one in Central America. Would like to make a French vs. Viet Minh campaign then lead up to 1964 US Vietnam War.
  13. USAF F-84F Desert Thunderstreak (The Mirage Factory's F-84F with fictional desert skin.)
  14. USAF F-84F Thunderstreak WIP. New Lines, Rivets, skin, etc based on PappyChkSix's template. Built on The Mirage Factory's F-84F Thunderstreak by:3D : Thierry-As, BPAo. Original Textures : Thierry-As, Sony Tuckson, USAFMTL, Carlo ´´Soulfreak`` Vecchi, WhiteKnight06604. FM : Column5, Kreelin. Cockpit used is from Zur's F-86 series. Tanks3D : Crab_02. Camo : Crab_02
  15. Vietnamese Vietnam air war movie

    Great graphics. I'd like to see these when they're complete. Wish they could turn this into a flight sim game.

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