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  1. Soulfreak, Very Nice. Will you release these skins or are they for personal use only? Have you tried to paint the black band in the cockpit between the pilot and co-pilot? I've tried but have had no good luck. Mandatory Screenshot.
  2. USAF F-94B Starfire, Intercept Mission, Korea 1952. (EricGen's F-94B Starfire; One of my favorite PauloPanz's skins repainted natural metal; new lines, rivets, etc.)
  3. USAF RF-80C Shooting Star, Photo Recon, Korea 1952. (EricGen's SF2 RF-80C; PauloPanz's orginal skin repainted natural metal; new lines, rivets, etc.)
  4. USAF AT-33A Shooting Star, Armed Recon, Korea 1951. (EricGen's SF2 T-33A; PauloPanz original skin repainted natural metal; new lines, rivets, etc.)
  5. A French Hurricane dressed in colorful Israeli Camo.
  6. amariani, I don't know if this is what you mean by "'add' instant action mission to a mod?" but it's what taught me to 'change' the planes, etc., in instant action. Good luck.
  7. Dan, SF2 runs great in Windows 10, normally. On occasion a Microsoft or Nvidia update scrambles things a bit but usually, eventually clears up. SF1 on the other hand, takes a bit more to get working on Windows 10 but it is possible. Good luck with and congrats on the new computer.
  8. Rgr. Give me a few days. Real life has me real busy. Hoping things slow down this week so I can play more.
  9. Thanks. I didn't even look at them and probably wouldn't have known the difference had I looked. I just used the decals that came with the original skin. Will fix ASAP.
  10. RAAF Canberra on CAS mission, Vietnam, 1969.
  11. USAF B-57A Canberra (Pieces and parts of MigBuster's and pappychksix's skin(s), decals, etc. Updated lines, rivets, paint, etc. by me.)
  12. Thanks. I agree we could use new ones. If someone makes a fake pilot nose for the G... maybe he can also make one for the RB-57E for TW B-57's. I would do them but I am not a modder; I don't have the software; and I don't know how to use the software if I had it.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by 'all of them.' I've repainted 5 skins; 1. silver, 2. black, 3. SEA camo over gray, 4. SEA camo over black, and 5. slightly reshaded the tan on the B-57G Tropic Moon. I'm trying to get Vietnam Canberra's done. They still need detail clean-up and the decals are dicked up. These models have lots of anomalous areas and shadow lines but they're the only RB-57E and B-57G we have (that I'm aware of). Think I'll try adding cameras to the TW B-57B skin and fake it as a RB-57E. Can't fake the B-57G's chin, though.
  14. Wrench, Here are a silver and black WIP skin set for you to experiment with. They still need work. I still need to add a couple of cameras to the camera bay and clean up details, etc. And getting the silver skin lines the right shade is a bitch. Feel free to critique but keep in mind almost nothing on this plane is easy to place. Too many areas on it exist in the Twilight Zone. RB-57E.7z
  15. Wrench, Thanks. It's got a few tidbits I can use. Even if the pictures are B&W and difficult to see, I can see Patricia Lynn started with NM(?) or light gray over white (?) ac and went to black. Can also see some USAF marking on both paint schemes.

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