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  1. You also have 'SpecificStationCode=1pilones' in your weapondata001.ini file, but not in your weapons entries. You might want to try commenting it out for the time being, ;SpecificStationCode=1pilones.
  2. Wilches, Sorry if I gave the impression I am 'making' this model. I don't know how to 'make' models. This model is the Bell 206 JetRanger from YAP's pay ware 'Drug War' install, which I have. I am working to 'convert' it to a reasonable facsimile of an OH-58A Kiowa for my Vietnam installs. Mostly repainting a skin and hiding a few bits. I would also like some weapons for this a/c. I need an M27 Armament Subsystem with an M134 minigun. Hate flying around in a war zone with no weapons. So far, I've only found the minigun, but no way to attach it. If I understand it correctly, the YAP Bell 206 is converted (?) from a FSX model? If you don't have the YAP Drug War install, you might try converting the FSX freeware version. Then paint it and make/attach the weapons you want. The attached screenshot is what I'm converting it from:
  3. OH-58A Kiowa scout helicopter of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Vietnam. (WIP) (Thanks to Allenjb42 for his help with this skin.) Hunter Killer Team.
  4. B-26 Marauding over Germany, 1943. (Wrench's Original work - paint, decals now with new lines, rivets...)
  5. HOLY SH!T!!! (I think I sucked up my seat cushion.)
  6. Looks like enough for a start. Now all we need are a lot of experts and artists.
  7. Sounds interesting. I would like to see this, too. I did some French skins for some of the US prop planes I think they used, not sure though. I don't know enough about that era. Any idea what planes they used and what the skins looked like?
  8. Do you have this version of the Campaign Customizer: SF2_DLC011_CampaignCustomizer_setup_Jul2013.exe? This is the latest. You can get it from ThirdWire's site under the support Tab. Then to Download Center. You will need your access code given to you when you bought the Campaign Customizer. Not sure why it' not working. Would think the auto update would've updated that, too.
  9. You might try uninstalling the Campaign Customizer and re-installing it.
  10. Tuskegee Airman Lee Archer's favorite ride. (Scrapper's SF1 skin for Wolf257's P-51D fitted to Wolf257's P-51B model.)
  11. Yup, clichés are almost inevitable. They have ruined a good war movie or two. One in particular that comes to mind is 'Flight of the Intruder.' Great A-6 flying and carrier deck scenes. Cliché script and subpar acting. Still... Intruder scenes. I've seen trailers for Midway and Dauntless. Dauntless CGI is a bit cartoonish, but still looking forward to watching those scenes. There are some great black and white war flics out there. 'Command Decision' comes to mind even if it is more of a play/stage drama. Don't know/recall what movie you speak of here. Some of it sounds a bit like 'Attack.'
  12. Wizard43, I watched the trailer for Dark Blue World. Looks like it's got some good flying scenes, but most of it seems to be about 'Romance.' I have nothing against romance, some of my best relationships have been romantic, but personally, I don't care much to see 'romance' in War Movies. I think it muddies the movie. Saying that, I have Pearl Harbor. It's in my War Movies folder simply because it has some of the first great computer generated imagery in a war movie I had seen to that point. One day when I get time, I plan to edit out the CGI flying scenes from that movie and a few other. It will shorten the movies but make them much better in my opinion. Mission of Honor is another current movie I've seen about the Polish 303 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. Again, too much romance muddying the movie but some good CGI flying stuff.
  13. I saw 'The Train" when I was quite young. I agree it's worth watching. Not classified as a "War" movie but right next to it. It's much better than one of Burt Lancaster's last war movies, "Go Tell The Spartans." This movie is pure disappointment. I like Lancaster in it and the place and era, Vietnam in the early 60's before the US decides to go full bore there. But the movie was done very cheaply and it shows. I think it was filmed in someone's back yard with a home movie camera. Lancaster looks a bit out of place in it. One movie I've seen on Netflix, can find the book in different forms, but can't seem to find a DVD/BlueRay for it is "Siege at Jadotville." About Irish UN Peacekeepers in the Congo in 1961. Based on a true story. Poor buggers got a lot more than they expected. Good movie. Not great, but good.
  14. Sabres over Korea, 1952. (Wrench's SF2 Korea terrain in SF1.)

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