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Judge Rules Against Stolen Valor Act

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Now, without a DD-214 form in hand, I don't know for a fact if they are telling me the truth. I am very pro military and would lean towards awarding contracts to someone who risked their life or outdid themselves in any fashion while serving... Now, tell me again how there is nothing to gain monetarily from misrepresenting your military record, or lack of it?



1.) You're not legally obligated to give them those special offers. That is a generosity on your part which can not be legally defended if taken advantage of. If they say they were in the military and are proud to advertise that fact, they had to spent at least more than 4 years in or got a medical discharge and should have a retired military ID card of some kind. If they don't, I would question it quite a bit.


2.) You always have the option of conducting a background check to confirm that they did indeed serve in the military branch - which is what I did on the civilian side to confirm that applicants did indeed serve, and we did get a few who didn't realy spend any time in service... hell, I remember one guy who went through part of boot camp and then got processed out... said he went in the Marines as Force Recon... that might have been what he wanted to do in the Marines, but it never happened - I think he got kicked out for something... definately bad behavior related.


So please, don't do folks a favor just because they say that they are in the military and have no way of proving it. The simplest thing they can have to prove that they are/wre in the military is an ID card... which all military members (active and retired) would definately have on them and believe me, we are proud to show that. So please ask! Hell, I always show my military ID card at any business that asks to see my ID when I make a payment on something with my credit card or check.

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They should run stings at bars. It always amazes me how many "heros" you run into at bar with stories of their "heroism" ready.

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