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  1. Desert Talon

  2. World of Tanks

    I'm a little too busy to play too often anymore but I'm a decent player. If anyone of you gentlemen/ women are in a decent platoon I would appreciate an invite. My name is slopedarmor.
  3. Let's have a pissing match

    Finally a reason to go to a minor league game.
  4. Biting the Bullet

    Interesting stuff. I wish you all the luck in your endeavor.
  5. Judge Rules Against Stolen Valor Act

    They should run stings at bars. It always amazes me how many "heros" you run into at bar with stories of their "heroism" ready.
  6. Interesting Interview with Ex-Taliban Fighter

    Scared people have a problem with thinking and behaving rationally.
  7. Lockerbie bomber most likely getting out

    To add to what eraser_tr said above. It seems to be coming clear what the ulterior motives were in this situation. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6814939.ece Money trumps all.
  8. Do you think military service should be mandatory?

    I think either way it's a tuff call. Volunteer force sounds nice and you can pull out some good motivated recruits but it usually just means poor and lower middle-class will serve. You can also get some duds who couldn't make it in the civilian world and about 80% usually remain duds. With a draft I'm sure you get some quality and some crap. Also many of the wealthy individuals of society will still find away out becasue of the resources allotted to them. I don't think there should be draft but it wouldn't hurt to change the demographics of the military to mix like that of World War 2. It's an ideal that seems to be unachievable though. We could hire Hessians to do the job.
  9. Another selfless hero has fallen.

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...prss=rss_nation Just like with Pat Tillman this man gave up much greener grass to serve and has unfortunatley fallen while doing so. I think Sgt. Bill Cahir's example speaks volumes of a persons indelible mark made by the strength of their character to have such gumption and selflessness to serve causes greater than themselves. Our Armed Services men and women make me very proud.
  10. Lockerbie bomber most likely getting out

    Agreed. I'm also not happy with the relaxed relations with Kadafi also.
  11. Tofu

    My wife the vegetarian eats it all the time. I've never have really liked I when she makes it no matter how it’s cooked but I eat because it's good for my health. Would I rather her cook a steak? Absolutely.

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