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Mirage 3C PN (Panama Servicio Aérea Nacional)

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Mirage 3C PN (Panama Servicio Aérea Nacional)

Dassault Mirage IIIPN, Servicio Aérea Nacional (Panama National Air Service) 7/20/09


-- For SF2 Full-4 Merged Installs !ONLY! --


This is a mod of the stock 3W MirageIIIC into a "What If..." MirageIIIPN if used by the Panama Air Force. It makes use of various stock lods, cockpit, and cockpit bits that are ONLY in a full-4 merged install. It is also completly non-usable in any 1stGen versions of 3W games due to extensive use of various lods, inis and tgas ONLY available in a Full-4 Merged install.


Extensive editing of all the inis created a 'mix-match' of old and new; old airframe with modern avionics. All weapon fits, excepting the R-530F are stock. I've included the R-530F (and variants), for those that don't have Gunny's Ordanance Shop installed. The canopy has also bee activated, use Shift/0 to open and close it.


You =will= be extracting the Nations.ini, to add the new nation of Panama. Instructions are below, in the "To Install" section.


As always, it's reccomended -no, REQUIRED- that you read the enclosed document through before installing this mod. If you are unfamiliar with any procedures, post questions in either the Release Announcment Thread, the regular CA forums, or via PM to me. It really isn't all that hard.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


ps: should maybe have been posted in the "What If..." section, but that's Spinner's section! :grin:


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