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Does anyone have a Mirage 2000 they would recommend for SF2: Europe? I tried gepards, and for some reason it seems to slow my frame rate down a lot and I can't get the decals to show up. This is a shame because it is based on the early 2000C that I'm looking for for a 1980's secnario, and overall it looks to be quite a good model.


Does anyone have any suggestions or tips or another Mirage I could try or perhaps a way I can get this one to work a little better?

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There is a Mirage 2000 Twoseater (by Amokfloo) out in

SF2 Aircraft section.

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Any single-seaters for the SF2 series out there?


I would love to download the two-seater, but it seems that it's based on the 2000D, which wasn't around until the 90's. I tend to keep my timelines in the SF games from the 60's to the 80's. With that being said, I suppose I could modify the 2000D to reflect a 2000B and that would fit. :)


Looks like a very good mod so I might try it regardless.


Any WIP's regarding the Mirage 2000 series floating around these days? For the SF2 games that is...


Oh, and how do I reduce the polygon count? I thought I might try that for the 2000C I currently have that seems to slow my system down a lot. Ideas?

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There is a single seater out there just look in this link there's a C an EM a 2000-5 just need to look through the list until you find one that works :-




There is also this one in the SF2 Downloads



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