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Vanguard 2010

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Guest rscsjsuso5



China's air defense exercise tests military hardware


by: http://english.cntv.cn


Thousands of Chinese troops battled on the coast in Jinan city, Shandong Province, as they entered the final stage of a five-day military exercise. Dubbed "Vanguard 2010", the drill is designed to test system formation, reconnaissance and ground to air capabilities.


Seven types of ground-to-air weapons were tested in this exercise. Some of them are developed and manufactured by China's own technology. They can operate in extreme weather conditions, and have the capacity to shoot down low-flying targets.


This automatic canon is controlled by advanced computer systems, and can detect objects with long-range radar. It can also easily turn 360 degrees, allowing it to locate and disarm three different sets of flying objects simultaneously.


"This weapon's strength is that it moves and reacts very quickly. It can detect, aim and shoot at targets within seconds. The vehicle can also travel at great speed."


Some vehicles are equipped with not only canons, but mid to long-range missiles. This greatly boosts the vehicle's ground-to-air defense capability, enabling it to target almost any object in the air.


"The entire missile system includes a search-and-direct vehicle and two missile launchers. Each launcher is equipped with four missiles."


This year's drill consists of two phases. The first phase ended on Thursday, with exercises including emergency evacuation, strategy, ground-to-air attacks and evacuation of command posts.


The second phase ends on Saturday. It includes testing of air defense abilities in a complicated electromagnetic environment.




enjoy the small video and four pictures

PLAAF Comrade - rscsjsuso5

this should go into the combatace news section but what the heck just following erik's format of posting news

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