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With with automatic update with (winxp)

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Everytime im playing a game or burning a cd this stupid error message pops up and crashes the software im using


"AUpdate.exe-application error

The instruction at "0x77f8b812" referenced memory at "0x01040030" the memory could not be "read"."


but it doesnt seem to do it on its own and this has only started when I finally got a new subscription for liveupdate Norton Antivirus 2002 and updated. Now I cant update the virus definitions or visit symantec's website it brings up page cannot be displayed (is there website down). so can anyone help me out with these thanks alot to anyone who replies

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This was found by a Google search....do one...perhaps you'll learn more...like a removal method...



Solution Title: What is aupdate.exe??

asked by SteinStein on 06/10/2003 06:22AM PDT 


My norton has brought to my attention that this is a backdoor trojan.  When i go in to my window32 folder there are 4 files aupdate.exe(this is the file the scan says is the trojan), aupdate.conf, aupdate.tkr, and aupdate_uninstall.  Now here is my question upon reading a few forums i have seen that many post that have said that aupdate.exe is a norton file that does not start up. Now should i delete the aupdate.exe file, use the uninstaller, or is there another way i should get rid of this?



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Ditch the Norton AV and get AVG AV.


it's free, works great and never bugs me or interrupts. :D

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