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  1. our congress

    How about Hurricane Leroy? :D
  2. Zell Miller's speech last night at the RNC

    I lived in SE AL for 25 years and I always thought GA was the best of the southern states. They have Zell as their gov, nuff said. :P
  3. Zell Miller's speech last night at the RNC

    lol!! I heard about PJ on the radio as I haven't watched the network news propaganda machine for years....CBS,ABC,NBC,CNN et al... The best source for info that's not manipulated to keep one in the dark is AM radio and the internet. This site is always interesting for non PC news stories... http://www.homestead.com/prosites-prs/index.html Cyall, Cuda Oh, and any of ya Canadians here...I'm not a basher...Peter has gotten my ire up for years. ;)
  4. Zell Miller's speech last night at the RNC

    And that POS Canadian Peter Jennings had the nerve to call Zell a traitor.
  5. The Olympics and Religious Fanatics

    I grew up a Navy brat and moved to southern Alabama in '71. Let me tell ya, all they say about Bible thumpers in the south is true. There were at least a dozen churches in that town that had massive cathedrals on whole city blocks. I went to the Episcopal church where the women all dressed up to the last tenth and the men too. After church they'd congregate in their little cliques and gossip about everybody else. This whole country club kinda attitude was a turn off. The only thing that kept me coming back was the fact that two of the sluttiest girls I knew went every Sunday dressed up in their white dresses. :D :D
  6. Kerry's visit to Wendy's

    Kerry is another Clinton...sails with the prevailing wind nomatter where it takes him. To have a person like him talk that trash (acting like he gives a damn) to an honest, honorable man such as that young Marine, makes me positive I'm not voting for him.
  7. With with automatic update with (winxp)

    Ditch the Norton AV and get AVG AV. www.grisoft.com it's free, works great and never bugs me or interrupts. :D
  8. hmmmm....looks like some of the "say no evil" types from the Ubi forums are here. Bard has and has always had a valid point. Just because the Ubi forums only support favorable comments doesn't carry over to Biohaz, thankfully. Me, I bought LOMAC when it first came out. I like it altho I don't play much online. However, lately, I've bought IL2AEP and I've been flying that exclusively in prep for Pacific Fighters later this year. The combination of smooth play with no stutters and the campaign keep my interest. Oh yeah, I'll stop in to LOMAC and fly an A10 mission every now and then but that's just for a little bit. The writings on the wall for me. LOMAC is going to fade out and eventually be removed from my HD, while I anticipate the IL2AEP CD will have an almost permanent home in my CD player...at least until PF comes out later this year. ;) Cuda
  9. How many Racing Sim Fans?

    Here guys, also check out the active track tech they're going to have. http://www.simbin.se/index_simbin.html ;)
  10. TrackIR3 Pro Background / Comparison

    While I'm not sold on the fact that I need to upgrade my TIR1 to any "pro" level...lol...typical marketing stuff there, lol. I use an old pair of sunglasses with the lenses removed. I placed a large "dot" on the bridge using about 9 dots.
  11. posted Wed June 02 2004 10:25 AM We tested Beta 20 and there remains a serious crash bug in multiplayer that has to be fixed. The Team in Moscow is working to eliminate this problem. It would be unwise to release the product with this problem. There are some minor problems as well but nothing as significant as the crash problem. Many of you have suggested that we just release it as is and then do another patch. It just doesn't work that way. We want this to be a comprehensive and complete patch. The decsion on doing a subsequent patch will depend on many factors, particularly how well V1.02 does with the majority of users. We cannot keep doing patches without having future titles in development or we will go out of business. Some people have experessed their frustration about these regular reports and that they want them to stop. I disagree and will continue to keep everyone informed of the status of the patch while it is in development. Once the patch is submitted to Ubi Soft and approved by them for release then it will be out of our hands and the actual release date will be a matter for Ubi Soft. I want to ask a favor; we all appreciate your support and good wishes but please, you do not have to start a "thank you" thread for every update I post. We know you appreciate our efforts and we feel bad that it is taking so long to get the patch finished. We are working very hard and giving it our best efforts. As I said, I think the updates are important and I will continue to do them. If they bother you then just don't read them! All of us appreciate the support and we are grateful for your patience and understanding. Cheers, Carl Sounds like they're closing in on it.... :D
  12. Whether You Like Him Or Not...

    jeeez....ya gotta wonder about some ppl. Respect for Clinton? He doesn't respect himself, why should I?

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