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Another Pilot Issue

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I have a pilot that i cannot advance his time/date. Every time i try and fly a mission and comeback to base, sometimes with claims ready, it goes straight back to the base screen with the same time i have just flown on. ie my mission is never registered. Any ideas?

(Using HiR with patch, never use copy disks etc.)

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Got me by the short and curlies on this one.


Things to try in order


1) a different Pilot


2) Back down ALL your Sliders one notch


3)In Workshop . . Rightside . . . Reset / Install Off,. . . . . . You're gonna lose all your Pilots, and most of your settings, plus you'll need to reconfigure


Thanks again UA, you seem to have all the answers. i had already tried No.1 but started working again after i tried No.2

Just goes to show, you can't beat a good No.2 !

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