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Thank you so much

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I never thought in a million years i would play this game again. I nearly chit in my pants when i started it. I was in a total daze for about 5 minutes and could not believe the one game i have held onto in hopes of playing it again one day is still playable.


I would like to thank the people that put the time and effort into this project.


Now i am scared to patch up to the D version in case i lose her again.

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There is need to upgrade to 1.28D if 1.28C works for you.

1.28D is a version of 1.28C which uses 1024x768 selection screens and menu files. It is not an upgrade.

By sheer accident it fixed the "screen tearing" problem which occurred with some cards, and the garbled map problem.

However, it will not run the old campaigns with 640x480 menu and selection screens without some workarounds.

If 1.28d fixes these two problems then d3d windower will do this anyway, and you can use 1.28c with it.

However, 1.28E will be a massive upgrade, and we are hoping to release it very soon.



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hey Sidi,


why not come over to Gameranger and fly online ?... all are welcome...I tend to open a room around about 6.00pm GMT so look out for me then and we can have a flight or two...







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