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Caproni Ca.42 for FS-WWI Released!

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Here it is FINALLY after nearly 8 years... Wakeup Tailgunner and I started this way back in the early beginnings of the FS-WWI mod. Soon other projects came and this was pushed on the back burner as at the time it was thought less important and the data required to finisher her off wasn't easily at hand.


This aircraft requires the latest FS-WWI Plane Pack to function correctly.


To Install: Extract to your SDOE\Media folder with the 'Use folder names' option in WinZip.


Press X to lean over the side in the cockpit.

Press F7 and then F6 to take control of the gunner's seat.

Press 6, A then D to select, arm and to open the center boom full of bombs.


Credits for this aircraft go to the following:


3d Model: Wakeup Tailgunner, tweaked by ArgonV

Cockpit: ArgonV, textures by Recon3

Textures: Wakeup Tailgunner, ArgonV, damaged textures by 3dp

OpenPlane Studio Code: ArgonV

Missions: ArgonV

GUI: ArgonV


Download here: (6.81mb) Caproni Ca.42 Final Beta


Enjoy! :)

Edited by ArgonV

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