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I found many Skins for the central american Air Forces, but no Terrain ...


Is there anybody who made an Map/Terrain of Central America? The Idea is to create a short Campaign about the 100 Hours War in Juli 1969 ("Soccer War" or "Football War"). Salvadorian P-51 vs. honduran Corsairs. Only Infantry Units on the Ground. Few Days (14. to 18./19. Juli 1969). I build a Campaign with few Aircrafts - 14 in 5-6 Squadrons in El Salvador and 20+ on the honduran Side. Works ...


Now i´m working on a Terrain with Stock WoV-Tiles. Guatemala an Belize in the NorthWest an Costa-Rica in South-West. Few Target-Areas in Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua are (nearly) ready.


One possible Option of that Terrain (in a far and unknown Future): play with the Border-Conflict between Guatemala and Belize (FAG vs. RAF with Harriers) or doing some COIN-Action over the Border between Honduras an Nicaragua in the Years 1978 to 1988. A few Days ago i found little Informations about an Border-Conflict between Honduras and Nicaragua ca. 1957. The honduran P-38s were involved.


Sorry about my Way to write in English, but i´m not able to do better ...

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it's about 80% done (ie: all tiling is complete) just need to 'fill in the blanks' targetization for all the various and sundry countries/cites/ports/etc. Movement ini, of course, still needs doing. The front line is a nightmare to comtemplate on how to get it to follow country borders.


Maybe early next year, depending on how fast Korea and India-Pakistan are finished



kevin stein

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You guys are making me soooo Happy!!!! Many thanks Kevin and Kanalrat, and greetings from El Salvador!!!

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