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The History Teacher that hates Americans.

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I am writing this for two reasons: Firstly, to express my feeling of why some people say they "hate americans" or that they "hate the yankees". Secondly, I have written a similar topic a few days ago, but I cannot post it. I¡ll give it a try and post it again.

I finnished school last yer, now I am in Medical School. I had a History Teacher that, according to her, she "hated te americans". When she said that, I said to myself "how funny!!! She's an idiot". THinking a bit more carefully about it, I understood that this dislike she has towards Americans is due to her ignorance, but not an ignorance of knowledge, but an ignorance that is the result of a horrible self-consuming feeling: Envy.

This person is envious about the United States, for its development, beauty, possibilities, etc.. But I have met lots of people that "hate Americans", not only this teacher, and I would like to tell you the reasos why I think people think like this. And when I say lots of people, it's lots of people, not 100% of the population of a country.

I live in Argentina, an underdeveloped country. As I sayed

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