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America Southwest (Texas/Mexico) for SF2

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America Southwest (Texas/Mexico) for SF2

America SouthWest Terrain

Updates, Fixes and Clean-Up For SF2 Series (Full-4 Merged Perfered)



What started out as a simple "straighten out some tiles and fix some target areas", turned into a massive revamp.... Like the original, it takes place in the post-WW3-ish world of the North American Alliance vs the Global Sedition. It is desigened for use any time period post-1950 through the present day (ala The Wingman series, or the TV series 'Jericho' or any of a number of post-apocalyptic movies, books or whathaveyous)


This is the FULL terrain, with some major changes updates, upgrades, etc. The targets, movements, data, types inis have all been expanded extensively. Massive retiling of a majority of the terrain will, hopefully, make it look a bit more like it's Real World ™ counterpart. Place names match the Real World; some however may be slightly displaced due to how terrains are built.


This is designed to REPLACE the original (and it's updates) in it's entirety, and is designed =ONLY= for use in SF2, preferably with a Full-4 Merged Install. This terrain makes use of the Desert cat to "pull" items from. It may work with the Germany or Vietnam, but this has NOT been tested. It will NOT work with the SF2:I Isreal cat. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE ISREALME CAT WITH THIS TERRAIN!!!The inis have been excessivly edited for use ONLY in the SF2 series. With Expert Level Knowledge on terrains/terrain ini editing, it =may= be possible to back-date/adjust for use in 1stGens. This has NOT been tested, and is NOT reccomended. Those that try, can expect 0, zilch, nada, =no= support from me on this issue. You're on your own -you have been warned.


Also added were many new tiles, updating/repainting of some other tiles (to make them fit and look better), and many new, custom TODs for buildings and trees and such. New planning maps have been generated as well. I'm trying out something 'new' on the symbols and labels, I hope you like it.


And, just for fun, I've included a variety of missions flown over this map. Remember, these are for a Full-4 Merged install, so those that are not merged, may not have all the aircraft available. It goes without saying, that those flown from the Red Side, you MUST have flyable MiGs in your install. They have been editated to make sure all aircraft are stock in a Full-4 Merged.


You will also be making some 'adjustments' to the FlightEngine.ini, with regards to expanding the map borders. This will eliminate certain 'issues' when flying near the map edges. Full, detailed instructions are below, in the "To Adjust Borders" section.


It is ALSO highly reccomended you READ this entire document through before installing this mod. If you don't, you're SURE to run into problems. And then, we'll clown on you. HARD, and mercilessly. As always, unzip this archive to a temp folder or you desktop to gain access to the full readme, and the files herein. Again, as always, there's a "Notes & Other Nonesense" section with explainations and other ramblings.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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Hi, kevin. thanks for this. much appreciated. i do hope in future you can do the America Northwest conversion. that was ans still is my fav terain to fly in. :clapping:

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Have you NOT looked in the downloads section????? There's a full 4-season set, most likely in the SF1 downloads section of Terrains.


Been there for quite a while ....


To even save you the trouble of trying to look for it, here's the terrain:




and here's instructions on converting to SF2:





kevin stein

Edited by Wrench

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