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Alternative Armour Pack

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Alternative Armour Pack

Alternative Armour Pack


This armour pack is my humble attempt to make ground war somewhat more "accurate". It's been created with SF2:E/NF4+ in mind, but it should be easy to adapt it to other mods/installs. Several "new" tanks have been created, but due to my lack of modelling skills they're only ini edits. Other tanks (both TW and community ones) have been tweaked.


"New" stuff:


- Chieftain mk2, mk5 & mk11 (edited stock Centurions);

- 120MM L11 gun for Chieftain, parameters optimized for the L15 APDS round;

- Leopard 1 (edited stock Leopard 1A1);

- M1 IP (edited M1 Abrams from NF4+);

- M60A1 AOS (edited stock M60A1);

- M60A3 (edited Pasko's & Kesselbrut's M60A3)

- T-80B (edited T-80BV by SWS, BPAo, Fubar512 & 331Killerbee)


Modified stuff:


- 120MM L44 customized for '80s M829 APFSDS round);

- Centurions (mk5,6,8,10,13), Leopard (1A1-1A5), Leopard 2A4, M1, M1A1, M48 (A2 & A3), M60A1, T-54, T-55, T-62A, T-72A, T-80BV;


Modifications inlclude following changes/corrections:


- tank's weight;

- armor values have been changed to RHA equivalents against Kinetic Energy rounds. Angled plates have been taken into account whenever possible. Late tanks (T-72, T-80, Abrams, Leo 2) armor RHA values have been greatly influenced by data presented in "Armor Basics" created by Paul Lasowski & included in Steel Beasts;

- number of gun rounds carried;

- presence (or lack thereof) of nightsight, gun stabilization;

- rangefinder & ballistic computer values;

- service entry dates.


I "hope" all this changes enhance accuracy but please bear in mind that:


- SF series is about flying and the ground war aspect is kind off limited;

- I'm no guru, I pulled the data from the Internet, therefore it might not be actually accurate, lol;

- there's no easy way to calculate RHA values, info on the net can vary significantly from source to source; if you have some good/reliable literature where these are well/reliably documented for many cold war tanks and their variants/sub-types you're welcome to share ;)


If you find any bugs/errors, please let me know so I can correct it.




Back up your stuff first, so you can revert changes if you don't like them! Unzip archive and copy Objects folder to your mod directory (usually "C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Europe\" when using Vista/7). If you want M60A3 & T-80B\BV to show up you'll need to download them from CA (I didn't include lod files or textures). M60A3 is included in US Armour Pack, T-80BV is, well T-80BV. For T-80B copy T-80BV lod files into it's directory. If you don't have NF4+ installed you'll have to get the M1 Abrams from the US Armour Pack as well. And obviously if you want all the "new" stuff to show up in a campaign, you'll have to modify campaign data file. For starters I suggest replacing British Division's Leos with Chieftains in 1979 & 1986 campaigns.

If you're still lost PM me :).








Pasko & Kesselbrut (M60A3)

SWS, BPAo, Fubar512 & 331Killerbee (T-80BV)

NF4+ Team/Kesselbrut (M1 Abrams)


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