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Will SF2 work with Nvidia SLi?

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I already have the following computer specs,


E8500 oc at 3.6

Asus PSQ SE2

Kingston PC2-8500 4GB

Inno3D GTX 260 192cores 896mb

Win 7 64 bit


What i'd like to know is will SF2 using DX10 benifit from running two GTX260's in SLi. A friend is selling an Asus P5N-D motherboard and another Inno3D GTX260 at a decent price and I was thinking of upgrading.


At the moment I mainly play SF2V with the gold expansion pack, it runs well but I still get a fps drop in campaigns over areas with lots of ground objects even though my settings are medium to low. Would running 2 GTX260's in SLi improve this.



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TW engine is not setup to support SLI, but it should work at the same time becuase the way SLI works is that it dumps all the textures and models onto one card to process while the other card handles anti-aliasing, post process effects, etc. I believe you have to rename the SF2.exe to Crysis.exe or a game that does support it and then it should work.

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Thanks for the replies, unfortunately someone else beat me to the mobo and gtx 260 my friend was selling, a shame but i've probably avoided an Sli setup headache!


Thanks again



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