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  1. WOW...a massive terrain like this, with Diego Garcia as its center point would be an epic playground. The number of scenarios that could unfold from a terrain like this mindboggling .....if it could be done.
  2. I thought many of you would enjoy this multi part series. Part 2 and 3 have sound issues 1-4 and 5 were fine. It was still worth the watch just turn the sound off. CVWR-30 was home to some of the most highly experienced pilots in the US Navy.
  3. Menrva, Thank you for the hard work on this, and thank you for the Christmas gift of the mod. Very much appreciated.
  4. Each one of the required TW titles had a .cat file that you need for the mod to work .... If you do not have required .cat files the problem is on your end.
  5. You will probably want to reach out to Monte CZ or Killer Bee when setting this up. Some people were having issues with the beta that monte links to... and the official release seems to have been lost when the CA site was rebuilt. Killer Bee fixed some of the issues... maybe he can help. I really wanted to get this working but was having some issues with it, and then real life got in the way and I never came back to it. Hopefully you will get it sorted out better than I did. This mod would be epic with the GKABS new M109A2 Howitzer... Or even better the New Jersey class battleships.
  6. Montycz and Killerbee had a workaround ... This was a great idea that slipped through the cracks.
  7. Yes I agree. My main use for the stinger is in very short range engagements, by aircraft that lack guns.
  8. I have been testing this out as a short range option on the F-4 with some fairly good results. However I have never seen it deployed on anything other than helicopters and drones IRL. Does anyone know if this concept has been tested in the real world? Opinions on real world practicality as a short range option for fast movers without guns welcome.
  9. A-7 Corsair II 1983-1991 skin pack.

    This is really well done. My only suggestion would be to include the reserve squadrons, few skins exist for those airwings.
  10. This opens up a whole new world. Think of the realistic cities that could be created with countless different styles of buildings.
  11. Wasn't there a YAP Version of that Bird?
  12. Modern Diesel-Electric Train

    Thank you this has been needed for a long time.

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