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What sort of Moron?

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Woa that's sad. Awsom pretty gal too. Dad:: He liked a beer and football, normal lad.


That isn't much.




vulnerable person


Maybe that's part of the problem today. You never see me poast the word "person" at THE COMBATACE. And more and more recently, I never say it out in the real world. No~way~no. Did you know that in our society...



Corporations are persons.

Churches are persons.

Nations and States are persons.

Men and women are persons.



Something weird here. For years I was always suspicious of the massive spread of the word "person." Latin for Mask, a legal construct. It feels so de~humanizing in a way. I finally figured it out. A few weeks back I was looking for a new bible version. I don't generally like the New Age bibles, so I tried NKJV (New King James Version). Pretty good, supposedly taken from the same Greek and Hebrew as olde KJV, but the translators went nuts with "person." NKJV Genesis 46: 26-27 goes ape with "persons" and "persons" --- 4 uses in 2 versus. That was my decision to go back to ye olde KJV.


KJV uses the word souls 4 times in those 2 versus. That's when it dawned on me last week....


Corporations do not have a soul.

Churches do not have a soul.

Nations do not have a soul.

~> Men and women have souls. :drinks:


That's it!



Anyways, alot of Masks souls feel lost today. Being a mask or "person" may not be helping.

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That is terrible. Just terrible.


@ Lexx


That is very intresting insight and I find myself agreeing with you.



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Lexx has a strangely true, and fascinating take on things!


I would love to buy you a beer and have a chat...if you're ever in Blighty! :drinks:

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Woa, I figured all the souls here would go lolz lexx wtf?


Thanks fellas and fellattes. The girls say that makes them feel like a slab of fish, but with a saucer size eyed smile, as its something different.


The woman and her football friend: This happened over here, a year or so back. Teh internets egging on a possible suicide. I think he/she carried it out, don't remember now.



Here's my....personal fave example of American Personhood.



From: President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt

To: The United States Congress

Dated: 5 April, 1933

Presidential Executive Order 6102

~ http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=14611




Section 1. ....


....The term "person" means any individual, partnership, association or corporation.



Section 2. All persons are hereby required to deliver on or before May 1, 1933, to a Federal Reserve Bank banghead.gif or a branch or agency thereof or to any member bank FacePalm.gif of the Federal Reserve System all gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates now owned by them or coming into their ownership on or before April 28, 1933, except the following:




Executive Order 6102 ~> http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=14611


Yea go ahead read it.


Not banks again? wtf lexx lolz


Not complaining. Banks is us, our mask, our free money, but not our freedom. When the personas fall away, the souls remain.



How was that? I should stick to playing The StrikeFighters.

Edited by Lexx_Luthor

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