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some questionable pilots lately,,

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Makes good video for TheSims forums though.


See if I can find the story. A B-47 pilot did that, kinda. Flew under a bridge on a high altitude training mission. Kinda dumb but some guys are like that. One of the crew ratted him out. Pilot paid for that stunt, very high career price.


:good: Top #1 best astronaut was Frank Borman. The other yahoos would fly their cute T~38s across the Gulf of BP, saving time. Regs said they had to fly the coast. If I recall, Borman was the only, or one of a very few, to fly the coast.

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seems a lot of pilots lately are making some manuvers at low altitudes and getting in,,uhm,,,trouble ,,




would you try this at such a low altitude in your 40,000,000 dollar fighter jet?


If I had been trained for it as part of an airshow program, the answer is yes.


The best airshow flyers are disciplined, professional, and precise. They use very specific performance parameters ("gates") for each maneuver. They practice and train, brief and debrief, plan and prepare like any other flight. Usually, when one gets into trouble, it's because of a momentary lapse of SA (misreading an altitude, channelization, mechanical failure, etc) and not because they were 'hot dogging'.


It's the guys who make stuff up, flying way outside of their trained skills, to act manly that get themselves or others killed.


And although Frank Borman was right, flying across the Gulf in the old A model isn't 'hot dogging'. And 'flying the coast' meant flying within 50 miles of the coast at altitude...which is still pretty far out. However, if you had to punch, finding you would be a problem...



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