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  1. Like watching a slide-show...

    Hi! The terrain and objects rendering looks like it's malfunctioning (when you look up, there is no terrain to render) Try some HD/Optimization mods to see if they fix the problem. Also update everything (as usual).
  2. Joystick Woes

    Check if your rig has enough spare power to supply all of your USB devices. Sometimes they fault because of a lack in power supply.
  3. Teenagers often get a bad press

    English gentlemen play rugby. English heroes save girls with rugby tackles. I wonder what they do with the restart kick...
  4. AC/DC disbanded

    Darn! Good one!!
  5. ATI Cards seem to produce frames a little faster than nVidia ones. But the nVidia (high end) cards are equipped with lotsa CUDA cores, very useful to calculate complex physics stuff and light reflections and such. The nVidia GTX 500 series seems to have the upper hand in graphics experience. While ATI has more fluidity. If you want eyecandy, well, I suggest you to aquire a nVidia GPU.
  6. Video of Libyan Mig getting it's ass kicked

    I think that the small arms fire at the beginning could have damaged the oil supply to the engine and cause a delayed malfunction. BTW Did any of you see the pilot punch out?
  7. Hi, Try compatibility modes. Some things don't work with new hardware/software. Also try updating the card's drivers. The ones provided with it are normally obsolete.
  8. Well, FPS get low because of the clock speeds more than because of the memory sizes (if it gets full, it won't run at all). If your game gets screwed with that specs, try updating all drivers, make sure the GPU is in the PCI Express X16 Slot and all that stuff. If it keeps running like crap, it must be the game's fault. Some engines can't be boosted past a limit. Also try compatibility settings, especially on a x64 system.
  9. Multiplayer, anyone?

    I play Free Falcon, but if you want to go MP, go to VeteransGaming.com almost all the people there play Falcon AF and they have servers.
  10. F4U-4's onboard the USS Midway circa 1946

    Can ice and snow cause FODs in modern aircraft?
  11. Cobra... Well, first you have to turn off the alpha limiter (WOE doesn't have it... so do nothing) then, in a controlled and leveled flight at about 350 knots, pull the controls like mad, wait until you reach 80-120degrees of AoA and push the controls relatively softer. Then engage the AB (fully, because you will exit really slow). Not every plane can do this. It's easier for tail-heavy aircraft like the Su-27 family.
  12. The Official Chuck Norris CA Thread

    Chico Norris always lands. That is because he can always walk it off.
  13. RWR in your phone

    Alright people! Thanks a lot!
  14. RWR in your phone

    Recently, as I was searching the Web for tones that I could use in my phone, I got an Idea: If I could get the different warning tones from an AN/ALR 69, for example, I would be able to stuff them into my phone's micro SD and use them as ringtones. So, that's why I need your help. Does anyone know a source of .mp3 or .wav audio files that contain RWR warning tones? Thanks.
  15. Thank you for defending freedom. I think He earned the pass to Valhalla. Thank you for defending freedom. I think He earned the pass to Valhalla.

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