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You can't upload pictures anymore?

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This is only for all, who don't know how to handle "Attachments" yet. I realised, that some who used to post

pictures in Reports from the Front


You used to be able to upload pictures, but then some day you received the message "This upload failed".

You were not able to upload anything since then?


This happens when your Attachment Space is all used up. You need to clear part of it. That mans, that you

got to delete some of your posted pictures, to make room for new ones. You do that like this:


- click on your name bar in the upper right corner of this forum page


- there click on My Settings


- there you find 7 bars on the left side; click on Manage Attachments


Now you will see a list of all attachments you made, it may be several pages long.

Above that is a bar, showing how much of the space is used. If it is red and fully filled, your space is used up.

You need to make room - here is how.

You could click on "Last" to get to the oldest attachments, tick the boxes of the ones you want to delete,

and then click on the button at the bottom right: Delete Selected.

This way you can always make space for new pictures to attach.


If you want to keep some of them, you could download them before you delete them.

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