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27th Aero

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I just received the autumn issue of Over the Front. It features the 27th Aero and the fate of Frank Luke's wingman, Ivan Roberts. It's a great publication and I would encourage anyone to subscribe. but, the articles inspired me to enlist a pilot and start a campaign. Sure enough, most of the names I read in the articles were in the squadron roster - all but my wing man, Josiah Ford. I tried to find a 27th roster without success to see if he really existed.

Anyhow, I'm on my third pilot (so much for my skill level). Both were captured - the first was shot down behind the lines by an aircraft (a DR-1 or a D-VII) I never did see. The second was the one I'm most curious about. It was a long boring mission, so I practiced some snap-rolls. The result was wing damage which resulted in a crash landing and capture. My question it this; Besides snap-rolls, what should one have a care for when flying the Nieuport-28 in combat?

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Don't dive too steep/fast - the fabric on the top wing may rip off. I had that happening and crashed.

If you must eliminate height, try a steep banked side slip instead.


As for wingmen: you can always go to your pilot folder and add that name. You find it here:


[your sim folder] > campaigns > CampaignData > pilots > PilotDossier#


His pilot dossier number will be one higher than his number in his Log you see ingame.


In the Pilot Dossier file, scroll down, 'till you see the name of his wingmen. Check ingame, who your wingman is,

and then replace that name by the desired one. Make sure you write everything with the right signs, as it was.


The wingmen we players get are fictional names, while the aces of squadrons are historical names.

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