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OT Feeling really rough today

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Ah, you seem to be alright, Widowmaker - I got a bit worried reading the title.


Did you see the new American series "Breaking bad" ?

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It's pretty weird - a chemical teacher gets the diagnose: lung cancer.

He has wife and a disabled son, and they wouldn't be secured, when he dies.

He is a fifty plus BOF, but now he changes his life completely: he begins to "cook" very top notch drugs.

He contacts a former scholar, who now is a dealer - and a crazy story begins.


I wonder, how far you can go - this is pretty amorale, but also very thrilling and exiting.

I only wonder: won't the TV watchers say "Well, they showed this on TV, so why don't we do the same?"

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Sounds interesting.


As far as Viewers re-enacting the plot?..well, it possibly only takes a few warped individuals to come together (which seems to happen more and more with the Internet) and anything is possible!

There certainly seems plenty of warped individuals in the world...hence the reason, I spend most of my time with Dogs! :grin:

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