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Location of Campaign Save File?

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I just installed the NATO I & II campaigns and flew 5 sorties, before discovering that there's NATO III and IV campaigns too and that I & II aren't compatible with the Oct 2008 patch I'm running. I've read that installing the new NATO campaigns after you've already stated a campaign will likely corrupt the campaign file. So I'm wondering what the campaign save file is named and where I can locate it, so I can delete it before installing N3 & N4.


Can anyone here tell what the name of the campaign file is and where it's located?

I'm also wondering if it's possible to back up the campaign save file and copy it back after the installation to resume my current campaign progress?

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lol...well I can see why no one replied, as my question was easily answered with a little folder investigation - found it in '\Wings Over Europe\Pilotdata\'. As the NATO Fighters readme states, you can't continue a campaign after you've applied the last 2 patches. I tried copying back my campaign SAV file, but WoE crashed as soon as I loaded and started the next mission. I restarted the campaign and I'm completely blown away with all the improvements that NF3 and NF4 add. kudos to Column5 all those who contributed to it!

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