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Hmmwv (with 12.7mm M2HB)

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Hey CrazyDog...

you might want to go over ALL these data inis in your uploads as they're STILL full of non-engilsh characters, and WILL cause the game to CTDj. Remember, the 'target auidence' is 89+% in the USA.


Also, why create a completly new gun (M2HB), when one can just use the stock M3 50cals? Save some work.

Also, the file and folder names are excessivly long on the HUMVEs... why not just use the standard US Army M-*** designations, and use the "ObjectFullName" for in-game IDing??? Shorter, more condensed files names are what this game really likes...(including renaming the data ini down a bit)


folder name: (if this IS the correct variant, and not the 1048)




and the main ini



ObjectFullName=M-114 HMMWV w/12.7mm







--the missing shadow statement goes here---


As the inis all reside in the main folder of the object, it keeps things clean and tight, regardless if there's another M-1114 in the game install (that can easilby be fixed by sub-variant letter usage, like in Real Life™)

and, you're probably want to change the NationName= to USMC, as pretty much all the US tanks are too. You're also calling for a 'hmmv_destroyed.lod" that dosen't exist .. use the Truck_destroyed.lod that's stock


And, last but not lease -read: most important, there are NO readme's in the zips with install instructions. As per:




Just some friendly words of advice from an expert...



kevin stein

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