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Different servers, Different feels

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While our server was down I flew at a couple of other servers. As I was on vacation, I was online at all hours.


I spent most of my time at WestCoast ATC, on the 24/7 server. I got a taste of flying in controlled airspace over there. Had just as much fun as here, but with more than 20 pilots and controllers flying at the same time, the feel was polite and professional. TS is a must during a session there. It's a gas to call Heathrow Tower and get a Cockney voice directing you to the airport. I don't use my firehawk handle there, but if you know what I prefer to fly, you can pick me out.


Found another site, I think it's out of the U.K., it's called AAF Military Server. Chatted with the owner one day, he's looking to start a Virtual Air Force some time soon. The feel there was more disiplined. As it can only handle 30 players at once, and most hops are in Europe, the site has about ten rules that should be followed.

I enjoyed flying there, although Pick your plane carefully, I flew part of the hoplist and found that My C-20 Navy Gulfstream does not like short fields. Also there are no parking spots listed on Air Bases, I would reccommend AFCAD'ng at least on spot to start at on each field.


Now for just having fun, as in oops lined up on the taxiway, and everyone having a laugh when it happens, this is the place. Nothing says home and friends than BioHaz's server. I can make mistakes and get practice flights and not worry about being put down, razzed yes, made to feel bad, hasn't happened yet. This server is where you check your ego at the door and have fun.


I spent a week off, and flew at alot of servers, but nothing beats this one, and it's because of the folks that fly here.

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