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My new Nvidia GTX460 GFX card

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I finally spent the woping $190.00 for a new graphics card. I had an intergrated Nvidia 9100. But now with my new GTX 460 with DirectX 11....HOLY COW! This sim just jumped to 11 for me. I'm sorry I didnt do it sooner. The bump mapping is incredible. The landscape detail goes as far as the eye can see. Everything looks so clear and bright. Truly amazing. Now if we could get the Bump mapping to work with third party models.


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For those of you who dont have a DirectX 10 compatable vid card and cant see the "Bump mapping" that creates definition on model structures such as wing ribs and fuselage seems..... These are some pics of what I was missing out on.


For those of you that already have this feature.. just give me my moment, this is exciting!:grin:

post-33545-042158300 1288149564.jpg

post-33545-024570300 1288149569.jpg

post-33545-040340300 1288149574.jpg

post-33545-023393100 1288149581.jpg

post-33545-086961100 1288149587.jpg

post-33545-044259800 1288149594.jpg

post-33545-006044300 1288149600.jpg

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Yep, and bump mapping is easy to do on 3rd party models if one has the right version of 3ds MAX and the proper exporter.


Doing it well on the other hand...



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