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Mig-23M Flogger B model released

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MiG-23M Flogger-B

Version 0.90b

22 AUG 2004







Model: Rafael

Cockpit: Armourdave, Sal

Skins: Macello

Flight Model: column5

Pilot: Pasko

Testing, etc: USAFMTL, Crab_02, Sony Tuckson







This model is very close to being complete, but some minor details remaining to be fixed. Rather than delay release further, it is being released as a beta with version 0.90. Post any feedback in the SimHQ Strike Fighters forum.


About the cockpit: Armourdave was kind enough to allow us to use his Su-17 cockpit, which is like the MiG-23 cockpit in many respects. One aspect that is different concerns the radar. The MiG-23 has a unique radar display which projects onto the HUD. Until the Flogger team has time to model this properly, it is suggested that you enable the radar screen in the upper right corner of your display. This is on by default, but if you have turned it off you will need to edit HUDdata.ini and turn it back on, or you will have no radar display.







Simply copy the MiG-23M folder to your \OBJECTS\AIRCRAFT folder. Then copy the files in the Pilot folder to \OBJECTS\AIRCRAFT and you are ready to fly. If you have already installed Pasko's Sukhoi interceptors, you already have the pilot installed.


You should also have the latest weapons pack installed for the AA-7 missiles.


Now Availabe at the following sites. Please select a site based on your geographic location:


North America:



South America, Asia, Africa, Australia:




http://www.checksix-fr.com (Coming Soon, please use http://www.wpnssgt.com)


Hopefully Biohaz should be mirroring too.

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