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Couple of questions for a Novice

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Hi guys,


I bought the first eagles gold recently and had a go at the Cambrai campaign. I found the game great , and have use some of the updated effects mods and such on this website, but i have a couple of questions


1. In one of the mission, i thought i personally shot down 3 enemy R.E.5a british planes but in the debrief, it shows that i only have 1 kill , the other 2 went to the credit of my other wingmen. Just want to know

if this is a bug ?


2. I have 2 fellow pilots KIA at the moment in my campaign, will i get any replacement pilots soon?


3. Does the ground flak or artillery ever hits you?? It seems that me and my wingmen were never hit, even though we flew through the worse flaks ever. They seems to miss most of the time.


4. Sometime in the mission debrief, i will see my wingman having kills and the number of hits landed on it etc. but there is another 1 kill right below which he have no hits on, but consider a kill too. Is that a probable



5. Will i encounter enemy aces in the campaign? Currently it seems that me and 2 other wingmen ar the only known aces on the whole map....


Thanks, and i hope i can get answers to my above queries as i cannot seems to find the answers in the manual.

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1. No, the plane that makes the last shot gets the victory credited

2. I have never seen replacement pilots

3. Flak hits you very seldom.

4. I have seen it too, but i think it is a bug

5. You will see enemy aces and own aces too.


Have fun with FE.

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1. Yup, last one to score a hit on the plane gets the credit. Quite a common rule in sims, by the way.

2. The can appear, although it may take a while. Will lack skill too. Best way to save people is to have all-squadron flights.

3. Hits are rare, there is no shrapnel damage, but if it hits the plane if finished.

4. 1 kill with N/A weapon means he rammed someone by accident. Collisions happen.

5. Aces either are either preset at the start of the campaign or appear after five kills. Although, I think, historical aces were first introduced in FE2.

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