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I was talking about IL2 with my friend today. I used to play IL2 Sturmovik alot but kinda lost interest. And then he told me i should buy Pacifict Fighters and Forgotten Battles because they have great dynamic campaigns.. I always thought these games came with regular missions just like in IL2 and lockon for example. Do they really have dynamic campaigns and if so, how good are they??



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You can have two different types of campaigns in IL-2 1946.


The first type are what you could consider as "canned" (or fixed), and these consist of a number of "fixed" missions strung together as a campaign.


The second are dynamic campaigns. These consist of a campaign that creats a dfferent mission each time based on a random mission file that only has locations,begining date, ending date, types of missions, types of planes involved and final objective. As a result, no two missions are ever the same in the dynamic campaign.

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