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Mike Dora

Fuel Fire Effect File?

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Still tinkering with FE, I would like to reduce the size of the fuel fire(?) that occurs just before a plane really catches fire & goes down. The picture shows the effect that I mean.



My questions are, which Effects file controls this phenomenon, and what parameters would I have to change to reduce the size of the fire? My reasons for this are two-fold. One, it jars slightly that this fire seems bigger than the subsequent "full conflagration", and two, there are occasions when this fuel fire flares up - then goes out. I could buy that if it was relatively small, such things did happen, but it doesn't feel right to have a large, glowing fireball burst out which then just goes away.





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I think it's in the particlysystem.ini, as that lists all the effects. How/what to 'change' thing I don't know.


You'd need to grab one of the effect guys, Stary, or maybe Fubar (and some othere whose names I disremember!)



kevin stein

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