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WWI Aviation Books, Set 2

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WWI Aviation Books, Set 2



Greetings All,


I have gathered together these public domain books for ease of downloading and for the enjoyment of all. This is the second of numerous such collections I am making available here.

This download contains the following PDF titles, (I have tagged each file as either BIO or REF so they will be self-sorting when you place them in your "Books" folder):



Biogrophies, Diaries, Personal Writings


"A Flying Fighter", by E.M. Roberts, c.1918


"An Aviator’s Field Book", the field notes of Oswald Bolcke, English Edition c.1917


"Flying For France", by James R. McConnell, c.1917


"Heroes Of Aviation", by Laurence La Tourette Driggs, c.1918


"Night Bombing With the Bedouins", by Robert H. Reece, c.1919


"The Red Battle Flyer", by Manfred von Richthofen, English Edition c.1918





"Aircraft Of Today", by Charles C. Turner, c.1917


"Information for Air Service Mechanics", by The U.S. Air Service, c.1919


"Practical Flying", by W.G. McMinnies, c.1918


"The Romance Of Aircraft", by Laurence Smith, c.1919












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